I guess I am the new kid on the block


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I have recently retired and have ben looking for a forum. This one looks very interesting.I loce trivia and science.Am looking forward to having some fun.
Welcome. You've come to the right place for fun. Now start a thread, and let the fun begin :). BTW, I'm also retired, and science forums are a great hobby of mine.
Welcome to the Sciforums. This is indeed a good place to find trivial science, among other things. :eek:

I am still working and do not plan to retire. :itold:
I got this visitor message from Haircuter:::

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I have been trying to post for over a week and it will not go through.I am a member and I keep getting a post that my messages have to be approved by a moderator. I can't figure out what the problem is.
Is the answer to your guessing game...Dust from sanding wallboard compound?
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I told Haircutter i woud post this an see if anybody knows what the prollem might be.!!!


Welcom to Scifourms :xctd:

Sorry you cant post :shrug:
AloHa and Welcome aboard...
:soapbox: watch your language
Brief Update

I suppose we should update that the issue has been pushed to the Administration; the thing is that we're uncertain at this point why the problem is occurring. Even if my off-the-cuff suggestion—IP overlap with a previously-reported spam address—happens to be correct, we will need the Administration to fix that.

So, yes, we did push that up this afternoon (PDT); I hope to have some sort of response over the course of the next day. As I recall, the ownership-administration isn't in the office for a few more hours.