I have a fun idea for an experiment in the future


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Last night I had this subjective really fun idea for an experiment that could hypothetically happen and possible in the future. What if you quantumly entangled object A and object B on Earth, Jettison Object B into a Black Whole and then watch Object A.

I feel like this experiment would be so fun because it just wouldn't offend anyone, it wouldn't support one theory about how the Universe works more than any other, also any one can appreciate just watching A and knowing about where B is.
maybe i'm missing something but how is this a unique experiment since on a quantum level objects can be in two places at once?

what unique result were you expecting?
To me it's an experiment because it hasn't been done before and it would be super interesting to watch, a close up look of something that's simultaneously going into a black whole. It's an intrinsic experiment, the kind where people say, what would happen if I did this?

Kind of like how possibly Graphine was discovered with a Graphite pencil and Gaffer tape, only now it seems that could be a cover story Americans made up as America recently declassified they found "amazing, strange, never before seen materials" from UFOs over the atlantic Ocean. But that's just healthy skepticism on my part.

EDIT :- Ooops the UFOs I'm thinking of were off the coast of San Diego.
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I think Hawks's point is: if the two objects are entangled (say two photons, A and B), and you tossed one into a BH, could you observe the polarity of photon B and know that photon A's polarity (which is irretrievably lost in the BH) has suddenly become the opposite.
In a sense, you could know something about the contents of the BH.
My point seems too simple for some of you, my point is that it would be really cool to watch if your in to that kind of thing and that no ones done it before, and the experiment could be enjoyed by all and demographically most likely not offend anyone. Wow DaveC426913, that sounds a lot more useful than what I had in mind.

EDIT :- and sure you may learn something just from watching object A

2nd EDIT :- this would be in the future so Object A and B could be wooden chairs for example

3rd EDIT:- just watching object A with eyes and recorded, no scientific equipment
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It seems to me that the entanglement would be broken/disturbed when object B fell into the Black hole.

Actually, tidal effects might break the entanglement before object B crossed the event horizon of the Black hole.