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Yeah Yeah, you probably have already seen it, but I was one of the first to download it & have been sitting on it for around a week........... Da*m*n, she's kinda perky.
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Good for them. Matt Lauer is such a lefty dupe. I love the way he pretends to be a serious journalist. Cracks me up every time.
Dear Howard,

Another perfectly interesting thing comes to mind; that apparently besides what the incest cloned borgs of GOOGLE, uplink.space.com. apollohoax.com and badastronomy.com accomplish as to butt protecting their mainstream status quo, "scifourm" members don't always count in the "views" and even "replies" quota, thus perhaps only certain outsiders viewing are of what counts, thus perhaps there's actually another ten fold or greater number of views transpiring, thereby the ruse continues before our eyes.

Barcardi buys governments, even the American government
Dear Howard,

Perhaps in order to get our messages across, you and I need to find some souls willing to fly big-ass airplanes into tall buildings, as preferably hauling about those nice WorldCom, ENRON, Arthur Andersen, MicroSoft and Martha Stewart types, plus the likes of Dr. Death (Henry Kissinger) and the entire borg incest cloned collective of the GW Bush cesspool of mutated DNA. Of course, we'll first need to send our resident warlord commander and chief village idiot moron an actual "DECLARATION of WAR", so that such an important document can be ignored for months prior.

And lo and behold, there's lots more (a bit far reaching) to share within my UPDATE page.
Regards, Brad Guth (BBCI h2g2 U206251) http://guthvenus.tripod.com/update-242.htm
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This damn liberal media giving Bush a blank check on Iraq, Afghanistan, and worst of the all those horrid interviews with the president himself.
ugh..an obvious cut and paste job on that photo.

Conservative America-
Loves USA but doesnt want to pay taxes to sustain it.
Quick to declare war but doesnt want to serve their country.
Loves the word of God but totally disregardes HIS teachings.
Against abortion until their little white bread, sweet sixteen angel ends up preggers..and then they treat her like a leper.
Hum, where was the liberal media when truth came out about Clinton's affairs? I think the media in general (except maybe fox news) prefers to slander politicians over praising them, no matter the party.
Have A Screen Saver (American Flag). One of the nicer ones that I have found on the net, so far.

Well, I tried to upload it (zipped) but it's 268 kilobytes (over the porfiry limit for upload sizes), so Here's The Link:

Damn! I couldn't find the link ! ! !
Gotta remember to bookmark, religiously ! ! !

Well, heck.........well, have a clock instead: see attachment(zipped)

It's the old Windows 3.1 Clock (Clock.exe) from my little brothers antique computer, that he gave to me recently. I use my task scheduler to run it on startup & I find it more useful than the standard one with my present version(fonts/full screen, ect..). I just love some of the old programs from earlier years/versions.

I'm going to look for that link to the Flag Screensaver, though (Very Political).


Maybe porfiry will up the file uploads to 300K.
Johnny Bravo
ugh..an obvious cut and paste job on that photo.



"Sometimes even I can't believe the
garbage that comes out of my mouth..."

http://hq.protestwarrior.com/includes/featured/NYC/op_bias_check_real_med.ram Medium Band for real Players

http://hq.protestwarrior.com/includes/featured/NYC/op_bias_check_win_med.wvx Medium Band for Windows Media Player

So I'm lying????????Then click on one of the above links ! ! ! It's around 15MB.


Newsflash! The so-called mainstream media is biased! It must be true - I saw it on the Today Show.

My fellow ProtestWarriors and I arrived early (4am, if you want to get a good spot) in the morning at Rockefeller Center and stood in line with the tourists. This is a great example of the impact that even just a couple of people can make, so take this as encouragement to make your voice heard even if you are small in numbers.

The crew does check the signs as people are let in, but we easily snuck ours through, as mine was covered with a façade that had "HAPPY BDAY LOLA!" scribbled across it. These two huge guys in front of me allow me to put my sign out over the rail in front of them, saying it was for my granny's 101st birthday. When they realized what the sign actually said, the Bubba to my right grabbed the sign out of my hands and threw it to the ground, and their Michael Moore-sized bodies closed in on me, pushing me back. But no matter - the damage was done.

The ProtestWarrior behind me was tall, and from his position he cleverly managed to move his sign up and down at just the right time to lull the weary camera man back into a long shot during Toby Maguire's interview.
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Apparently "sciforums" is anti-CUBA, as well as anti-human rights, and anti-truth to boot.

"Barcardi buys governments, even the American government"

It seems that I had this topic situated within politics, and apparently that's not going to fly, at least not within this government moderated group.
What the hell are you guys talking about? If you want to hear real liberal media, listen to air america. The media got behind the war in a big way, and avoided asking Bush any tough questions, they should be ashamed of themselves. Fox news in particular is hopelessly biased towards the right. You can't be serious. But then, if you were the real Howard Stern, you would already know this.

for example:
group of antiwar advocates is accusing Clear Channel Communications, one of the nation's largest media companies, with close ties to national Republicans, of preventing the group from displaying a Times Square billboard critical of the war in Iraq.
This would be the same New York Times who's ownership is using imminent domain to have the city declare a piece of privately-owned property to be blighted so it can buy the property on the cheap?

Ownership is one thing. Reporting is another.
What do we think about what, exactly? A couple of nut-jobs with ridiculous signs trying to strike a blow against the Today Show? What a behemoth of journalistic clout and hubris that was to strike! And lord knows that Matt Lauer sure is such a big name in the world of hard news reporting.

You know, just a day or two ago I saw Al Roker doing a cooking segment in which the real usefulness of a BBQ grill was revealed. Did you know you can cook an entire healthy meal on one of those things?! Amazing!

Honestly I can't see any point to any of this, all involved would seem like total buffoons if not for the fact that it's not even worth caring about.
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Then why are you continuing to spew your twisted dogshit views? Do you think that if you write that crap enough times that somebody will eventually pat you on the back?
WellCookedFetus said:
*pat pat* :D

Yes I was wondering about the exact meaning of this as well.

F**cking Socialist, god hating fag**ots are starting to piss me off, man. I'm about to start to put it back on em in a big bad kinda way!
F**cking Socialist, god hating fag**ots are starting to piss me off, man. I'm about to start to put it back on em in a big bad kinda way!

you know that the forum users you're talking to aren't tiny little people in your computer right? They actually live in cities all over the world and the messages are sent through magic wires, you can't actually fight any of them (the wires aren't actually magic but I want to keep this simple just to be safe).

I just wanted to warn you so you don't assault your monitor for nothing.
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