I want to post pages and pages of inane chit-chat because...

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Ze do caixao
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This thread is for the peanut gallery who so love to chat. Please limit your chit-chat to this thread in the future. And, repeat after me, spam is bad.

Now for the chit chat.
I'll begin.

I like cheese.

I like cheese too. But I am lactose intolerant :( so I can't eat it. It makes me sad.
I hope its not goats cheese thats just sick. We should draw the line with milking cows, we dont go around milking other animals. Cat cheese anyone?
fuck em
the novelty outta wear off and sci probably will outlive em
frikking housewives and faghags
the disdain is egregious and scandalous
Is this a cheese thread ?
It should be about inane chitchat :bugeye:
Keep with the program ! :p
Two peanuts were walking down the street...one was assaulted.

Invert, not everybody converses ( even scientifically) in the same way. Spuriousmonkey, for example was a classic fruit loop and life member of the peanut gallery who also had as much scientific input, probably more, across a range of issues as anybody currently here.

I'm sure it's possible to incorporate a little frivolity amongst the cloistered scientific halls without having to keep sweeping it all off to the cesspool, out the corridors and under the mat.

As I was saying, when fruitbats hang upside down and shit, where does the shit go?
So what happened to the other peanut? ;)

By the way INVERT....maybe you should read this article. You need to lighten up!!

A good knee-slapper also produces a chemical reaction that instantly elevates your mood, reduces pain and stress, and boosts immunity (suppressed by both stress and pain). A recent fMRI study by Allan L. Reiss, MD, and colleagues at Stanford University traced this activity to a region called the nucleus accumbens (NAcc), which rewards behaviors such as feeding and sex (and laughing) by releasing dopamine, a natural opiate.

Laughter promotes good health in another way, too — by strengthening connections. We use laughter to deflect anger and aggression and to communicate goodwill. In fact, a good sense of humor is consistently rated by women as among the most desirable attributes of a potential partner.

In fact, a good sense of humor is consistently rated by women as among the most desirable attributes of a potential partner.[/U][/B]

* Tries to think of witty, ribald remark to impress the shortcake*


* resorts to flattery*

Hey Shortcakes, nice tits!
Oh come on Spuddy! Nice tits? That's too American.
I was expecting something with more flair from you :p
No flair tonight, I'm too fearful.
I'm trying to reinvent myself as a studious, serious type ( chicks are mad for those guys these days), Invert is a stud in a top hat, should have seen him at the Trekkie swap monthly swap meet ( meeting, that's actually grammatically correct you know) he was pulling middle aged, sexually repressed librarian Ma'ams out of his upturned tall hat and running his fingers through their musty pages , ripping off their dust-jackets and leaving caustic critiques on their endpapers. the guy is a legend. He actually picks up on Sci, young hotties like Visceral Instinct have no resolve when his sly, lascivious "moderation" is thrust upon their vulnerable innocence.
I'm just standing slack-jawed in awe. A master at work, I'm sure he's made his intentions clear for your sweet arse.

p.s If he offers to saw you in two, this is code for split you in two.
Forewarned is 'fore sawed ( something like that)
Ahh, do you think Invert has a feeling of Godliness right now as we babble shit in his babble shit here thread?
yeah, lets all have a coffee clotch and bond like imbeciles. 'hey i like you. do you like me'....'your so funny'...'oh that was cute'...'i'm silly'
Look people...I had this in me all this time, but I am planning to go to Mars and stay there...who is coming?
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