I want to post pages and pages of inane chit-chat because...

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Oh that does look kind of cool!!! The bottom creature looks kind of how I imagine Draqon looking.
Oh that does look kind of cool!!! The bottom creature looks kind of how I imagine Draqon looking.

Hehe, I didn't want to say it... :D
There is a free trial version for download though.
So if you decide to download it post some pictures in the Spore thread :)

Happy Cow Appreciation Day!!! :D
I don't drink coffee, but I will have a coke zero and tell you that you are indeed an imbecile

WHAT!?! Are you 1 of them acoffees?

“ Originally Posted by John99
yeah, lets all have a coffee clotch and bond like imbeciles. 'hey i like you. do you like me'....'your so funny'...'oh that was cute'...'i'm silly' ”

I just love clotches!

So what happened to the other peanut?

A good knee-slapper also produces a chemical reaction that instantly elevates your mood, reduces pain and stress, and boosts immunity (suppressed by both stress and pain). A recent fMRI study by Allan L. Reiss, MD, and colleagues at Stanford University traced this activity to a region called the nucleus accumbens (NAcc), which rewards behaviors such as feeding and sex (and laughing) by releasing dopamine, a natural opiate.

Laughter promotes good health in another way, too — by strengthening connections. We use laughter to deflect anger and aggression and to communicate goodwill. In fact, a good sense of humor is consistently rated by women as among the most desirable attributes of a potential partner.


The other peanut was crushed.

Laughter is the best medicine?

I like cheese.

Me too.
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why would you take that personally? I was generalizing. I dont think you are all that bad, as a matter of fact, and forgive me for being forward but you may not get along with the other housewives in your area so you come here. Which i think is fine.

I don't get along with most housewives in my area. Is that fine too?

Oh come on Spuddy! Nice tits? That's too American.
I was expecting something with more flair from you

A tit in the hand is worth 2 in the blouse

Two peanuts were walking down the street...one was assaulted.

As I was saying, when fruitbats hang upside down and shit, where does the shit go?

Was it canned?

They don't shit upside down.
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Anyway, to keep in the spirit of the thread.. Pronatalist sent me this. I guess he was in one of his moods again :shrug:

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