IDF legalizes vehicle confiscation in w Bank

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IDF legalizes vehicle confiscation in W. Bank

By Amos Harel (A Jew)

For the first time since the outbreak of the intifada, the Israel Defense Forces has made it legal to confiscate the vehicles of Palestinians in the West Bank.

The practice, which has been going on for several years in the territories, was legalized yesterday in an order issued by the commander of the Central Command, Major General Moshe Kaplinski.

From the start of the violent confrontation in the territories in October 2000, soldiers have confiscated the vehicles of Palestinian drivers. Occasionally, only the keys were taken. This was considered an acceptable means of punishing Palestinian drivers who failed to follow the soldiers' orders - by not stopping on time, by bypassing the roadblocks or by trying to avoid being checked.

However, the practice was not backed by law, and the IDF claimed it was not being carried out. Several months ago, Haaretz wrote about a soldier serving near Bethlehem who collected confiscated keys of Palestinian drivers to prove that the IDF was lying. Other soldiers also say this has been the common practice.

Officers had in the past tried to "institutionalize" the practice, but could not get beyond the Judge Advocate General. Another problem was that the involvement of the police of Judea and Samaria was necessary if the process was to be legal, but the arrival of the police was not always possible.

In recent months, Kaplinski forbade the practice in its entirety, in preparation for the passing of the official order.

The order issued yesterday allows the confiscation of the vehicles only if there is a violation of a siege on a village. It is therefore only applicable to Nablus, which is the only Palestinian town in the West Bank under siege by the IDF.

The order is meant to target drivers who leave the town using dirt roads, or paths created by the Palestinians, in an effort to avoid being checked by IDF soldiers.

The confiscated vehicles will be held in special parking areas, guarded by the police, and the drivers will be taken back to their home towns. After two weeks, the driver can return and reclaim his vehicle. No keys will be taken this time.
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