If Discussions Were Allowed For......

No, we say it equals one, you said it equals zero.

I don't know if you are purposely lying or if you are just terribly confused.
I think he is losing track of what he is posting because he is including experiences on the net, in America, sociopolitical views with his research.
No, we say it equals one, you said it equals zero.
You may want to re-read what he wrote, as that's what he said - that you guys say "he says it doesn't equal one". He's made it somewhat confusing with the "you guys say I say..." but parse it and he's pretty much saying that he's being made to feel stupid because he's saying that it doesn't equal one.
I wouldn't want him to be unduly criticised for something he hasn't actually done (i.e. he hasn't said "you guys say that it doesn't equal 1").
Just thought I'd point it out.
What can't be discussed here.
What do you want to discuss that can't be discussed here?
Branner who owns that forum and its sister forum klimadebat.dk is Danish. The only person who attacks me is an American.
Who is Branner?

You're an American yourself, aren't you, RiffRaff? Do you have something against your fellow Americans?
Yet I am supposed to think I'm stupid because you guys say I say 8^0 ≠ 1.
Just to clarify:

1. Are you now telling us that you say $8^0=1$? You agree with us that $8^0=1$, now? If so, why did it take you so long to admit it?

2. Is it your claim that you did not previously write that $8^0=1$ was a mistake and that, in fact, $8^0=0$? Because, you're on record, you know. We can find your previous posts. You wouldn't want to tell lies, would you?

3. Did somebody call you stupid? If not, why are you bending over backwards at playing the victim, assuming all sorts of nonsense about what other people are supposedly telling you?
Yet none of you guys will say what allows for y = 93 when 93/(1 + 10.33)^x = y.
I have tried to engage with you on the topic of your silly formula several times. It's quite clear that either you don't want to discuss it or you're too afraid of being shown to be in error again to discuss it with anybody here.

The only remaining mystery is why you introduced it as a topic for discussion in the first place.
Ooh! Is this a Grand Trampling Exit from you, RiffRaff?

Are you taking your bat and ball and going home now?

Or are you just taking a little time out, but you'll be back tomorrow, or the next day, or sooner?