If God was truly fair


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If you think about people for a minute:

We’re not all created the same. Some are smart and some not so. Some are born into a Xian family while others into Muslim or Shinto or etc… Some live till 110 while others die soon after birth.

If God was truly fair, and as God can do almost anything then the only fair solution as to whether or not you are worthy enough to sit on Gods lap for all eternity starring in mindless bliss is IF ALL humans are judged the SAME WAY after having the SAME CHANCES in life.

This means that actually YOU are the only REAL human on the planet. The entire Universe has been created JUST as a test for YOU. All the rest of us must just be here to ensure that you are tested properly. Maybe we don’t even know we’re a façade?

Anyway, so maybe there’s only 1 human in the whole of existence and he/she gets the luck to sit at the feet of God alone worshipping God for all eternity. Or maybe God creates a new Universe each time for each human? That would be the only evenhanded and neutral option. How many humans does God NEED to worship It? Well, you’d think none as God is perfect – but maybe It needs a few trillion to feel contentment at receiving the proper amount of adulation? It is, after all, this measure of adulation that decided whether you make it or not.

Regardless, so that each human gets an equal chance God will have to recreate the Universe (no problem for God as It can do that in a snap) over and over and then sit there and observe your every move, read your every thought and decide if you adore It enough or not. The prise - burn in a furious hell for all eternity while God creates another universe and measures the next victims, I mean humans, amount adoration or sit in mindless bliss for all eternity.