If spacetime expansion was locally (wrtEarth) variable

There is no "fabric" but Earth is surrounded by space. The difference is in the center of the Earth vs the crust. Not, the South Pole vs the Equator. The Moon is not the Earth so Earth's gravity has a smaller effect.
I have a question. Think of the Earth bending spacetime. I wonder if something in contact with the bottom of the fabric, has the same temporal experience as someone in contact with the top. Is time going faster or slower for either? We are all moving. Suppose I am making toast in the kitchen near the South Pole. How would it be different (timewise) from doing it on the moon? According to the visual I'm thinking about of the Earth causing a divot in spacetime - there should be a difference in time. Am I missing a law of physics somewhere?
I think you have a great grasp on physics. Imagine if the earth was upside down so the north pole was on the divot! Then time would be faster on the moon instead of slower. Of course that couldn't happen because that would mean that time would go backwards on the south pole, not to mention that everyone on Earth would get vertgo.
would it cause time to slow down for us? Maybe that's why people perceive time as going slower and faster, because maybe it is.

The expansion of space-time does not include our solar system .

THAT has not been explained by mainstream astrophysics .