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This purpose of this paper is persuasion. I’m sure that I ‘m not the first person to bring this subject up, and under a different situation I wouldn’t. The subject of persuasion is the idea that the entire plot of the movie Terminator is flawed. Again, I only bring this up because I recently got into an argument on the subject. So I am writing this paper to get some outside response, and who knows, I might be wrong.
I will now simply state several situations that are all relative to each other, and my point. (Situation A) John exists, and grows up to become the leader of a club. (Situation B) Because of John’s leadership of this club he meets Bob, he and Bob become friends. (Fact A) Jane is John’s mother. (Situation C) John tells Bob to go back in time, and while in the past, protect Jane from an assassin sent by their rival club. (Fact B) Bob is sent back in time before John’s birth. (Fact C) If Jane is killed John’s existence will not be possible.
(Situation D) While in the past Bob has sex with Jane, and impregnates her. Jane later gives birth to John.
The paradox occurs because without “Situation A” none of the following situations would happen. Therefore “Situation A” would not happen. Obviously the previous sentences contradict each other. In fact there is only one way the situation would be possible. If Bob randomly decides to go back in time and have sex with Jane, which is highly unlikely. In my opinion the entire plot circles the idea of a “loop” in time, which is not impossible, but improbable. Not to worry though, the lack of realism in this film is made up with good action sequences.

Okay, I wrote that fast and left a few things out, but I think you get my theory. If it is true time would be in a linear context.
Excuse me??

You write all that to say that the science in a silly Sci-Fi movie is flawed? The only problem I have this is that you seem to think it was needed. Even the fans of the movie recognize that it's science is whacko.
Uh, yeah, I thought everyone realized it was a loop back in like 1985 or whatever. Where have you been for the last, oh, 18 years?

- Warren