"Imagining the Tenth Dimension"

Well I think in the context of the video that there are infanent dementions because just acepting the fact that there is a point in a hire demention gives way to another demention and another and another...etc. But then you could say that what i just said was one demention in itself so that would mean that there is only one demention.

Also for the fourth demention to be possable you would have to acept that time can end, but thats not true, no matter what possabilaty that you come to it will be a stright path to it. You cant go to one possabilaty and then chane direction to reach another, beause of the context of time you would still be going to the possabilaty. Now if there wer multiple universes this would still be impossable because if you had another "self" that was going to a different ending of a possabilaty then you it would still be traviling along a line so to say that is the present to the future.

But i dono good thing to think about though
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How do you figure that ?

I just don´t know about that man, just guessing on this one; who could possibly figure something out about the "Tenth dimension"? We are still stuck on three dimensions to deal with.
I´m just saying, if God is all there is; therefore it would intrinsically be all dimensions.
Tnx Yonescoh for the link, for me definitively the book is worth a reading. I'm waiting for it's delivery :)

I can get the concept up to the 5th dimension thanks to the "Doc" on back to the future; but it's hard to me to imagine the 6th and above.

I barely can see 6th as time travel. But from there I've read some hypothesis about the hyperspace (multiverse) and from there the chilled universe, but my brain can not get it.

Do you know about a "for dummies" link where someone explains it with apples? :confused:

Tnx in advance.

Its just a very good show, idk. Its on Scifi chanal and it is really easy to get into it.
Its really brainy so it would be purfect for anyone here

nothing justifies spelling "justify" as "justafy", either. ":)" ;)

but, i'm just saying.


Same as I said befor. I am not good a spelling
Here is something for you to smoke with your pipe. Even though i beleive that there are only strictly four dimensions, the sixth dimension according to Hyperspace Theory has a baby universe curled into infinitesimal spaces. This might have profound implications for religion, and possibly the location of God.