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These posts aren't showing up in the new posts.

Some stuff might have got "fixed" that didnt need fixin... but the little thangs will be much more fixable thanks to Motor Daddy :)


Mayb they will show up in a few minutes... ther might be a time delay that needs to be fixed.???
I have noticed a great problem: if you discover for example that you but a bold [b ] or color tag [color= red} in the wrong place in your post. When you edit to correct it the tags don't show - there effect does. Hard to remove what you can't see. Best solution I have found is to delete last few letters before the bold or color action is taking place and the first few after wards, but if you had [b ] and their closings [/b ] and only want to move one pair that removes both. Why can't what I see when I edit be what I typed, like it was before?

This is my second edit attempt trying to find and kill the [color=red .] as did not want the this text red.

hey stryder, it works !
If you click on your name and then "preferences" there is a style box. The default is selected, but if you select "style" and save it, the tex will start working, and the sciforums insignia will show and stay there.
WOW - that simple!!

Thank you so much. LaTex now renders for me - it's not ideal, there is a delay and it's a bit ugly, but hey - it's progress

(It seems, as rpenner suggested, I lack something like "Web Font TeX/Math/Italic". Research suggests this may be problematic with Firefox