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i've noticed that the thread page numbers at the bottom is "included" with the last post.
a pop up also seems to be "included". (view extra posted messages).
the pale gray line that delineates the post comes AFTER the above two items.
What's up with pagination? It works on some pages and not on others...

Edit: I was going to post a pair of screenshots to illustrate. The "Upload a File" button does nothing except start a 'waiting' animation.
That sounds like the software is trying to stop quick successive posts, duplicate posts and flooding. You'll probably find that the reply button is only missing as long as the Edit button exists, so if you can't post in succession, just edit your previous post.

Thank you. I thought something like that was going on but thanks for confirming it.
Are you sure?
Edit and Report buttons are visible to registered members (just tested).

Ha, just logged in again after a gap of several hours and there now IS a Report button at lower left.

When I post this reply I'll check for an Edit button too………..

P.S. Having posted this I can now confirm there is also an Edit button too.

Thanks, we're getting there, it seems.




Nope (using WinVista pro + Firefox
Cannot edit - "Java Script console error". I merely wanted to add that the first line in my last was done using $$.....[ \tex] tags$$
WHAAAAT?? I typed "square bracket ......close square bracket" This is disappointing