Infinite Potential

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No, they are the black box where input is processed and an output pattern is formed. The black box is the site of the event itself.
Your "black box" is entirely conceptual.
And the above is obviously not how it happens physically in the real world...
In other words, you admit that the real world is not made of your black box mathematics. You disagree with Tegmark. You made that clear several posts ago.
... but rather how physics are inherently mathematical in essence...
Word salad.
... and that is why the imaginary "black box" yields predictable results once we know the mathematics of the Input and available causal energy.
Your newly-introduced "black box" is just another word for mathematical functions. Of course they yield predictable results. A mathematical function takes a mathematical input and produces a mathematical output.

"Causal energy" is just something you made up on the spot. It doesn't mean anything.

By the way ... having watched the Khan academy video that introduced you to what an exponential function actually is, I expect you to accept that I was correct when I told you that the Fibonacci sequence is not an exponential function.

Please make sure that you acknowledge this in your next reply.
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Of course the Fibonacci Sequence IS NOT the Golden Ratio. That is why there are 2 definitions.

The FibonacciSequence does not take the form of an exponential bn b n, but it does exhibit exponential growth

As the Fibonacci numbers get bigger, the ratio between each pair of numbers gets closer to 1.618033988749895. This number is called Phi. It can also be represented by the symbol Φ, the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. Phi is the Golden Ratio. May 24, 2022

The ideal ratio of the Fibonacci sequence is Phi and as the numbers get bigger the ratio between numbers gets closer to Phi.

This is not anything to do with the ratio between numbers, but the limitation of "whole numbers". This is why in reality the Fibonacci sequence never attains the ideal but always approximates the ideal ratio.
The same with all Platonic Solids. They are the idealized geometry of naturally occurring shapes.

And like the black box, platonic solids do not exist in reality but do try to form at the event coordinates.
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Wait, what? Now they have intent?
No, under the circumstances, mathematically they cannot do other than what they do.

But because the Universe is a dynamic object, all mathematical functions are dependent on an everchanging environment that prevents ideal patterns to form, even if they exist as abstract idealizations.

This is why even cloned plants grow as an approximation of each other and the FS, why spiral galaxies are not exactly the same, and why planets are not perfectly round.
They try, but when it comes to plants a single twig can cause a branch to grow differently from its genetic growth instructions.
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Since this thread has ceased to be about David Bohm or the documentary about him titled Infinite Potential, it is closed.

Write4U's misunderstandings about what a function is in mathematics can be discussed elsewhere, if necessary.
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