Inherited Components of Exceptional Longevity


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Test can predict whether you'll live to 100

The study, undertaken by researchers from the Boston University Schools of Public Health and Medicine, Boston Medical Center, IRCCS Multimedica in Milan, Italy, and Yale University claims to be able to predict exceptional longevity with 60 to 85 percent accuracy, depending on the subject's age...

...The study found subjects who shared the same profile of variations for genetic markers appeared to share similar levels of risk for various traits or diseases associated with exceptional longevity.

The original release from 2010: Boston University Researchers Identify Genetic Signatures of Human Exceptional Longevity. This study was withdrawn in 2011.

Article from the Boston Globe(?) on the new study.

The article on PLoS One: Genetic Signatures of Exceptional Longevity in Humans and a write up on it on EurekAlert: BU researchers identify genetic signatures of exceptional longevity in re-published study