Insinuations, accusations and immorality

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How about replacing it with a secular wish of : "Peace on Earth and goodwill toward mankind".

We can have all the trappings. After all, we can't celebrate anything without spending lots of money, now can we?
How about "Peace on Earth, goodwill toward hate filled little men", no, I like the sound of your's better.
Moderator note: In the six months since Tiassa first posted his false accusations, he has neither apologised or retracted them. I think that six months has been more than enough time for him to carefully consider the appropriateness of this and other more recent behaviours.

It is reasonable, I think, to conclude that Tiassa is comfortable with his own actions and the choices he has made in the past six months.

Meanwhile, it is clear that other members here are tired of this issue hanging around.

This matter is now closed, along with this thread.

I note, in addition, that Tiassa has been removed as moderator of sciforums.
Not open for further replies.