international ISP throttling & disconnections massive buffer bloats


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whats up with the usa cutting international isp connections every minute ?
my isp appears to be throttling streaming to a maximum of 2mbps but when i run speed tests they come back at 10 or 12mbps
when i run games which use very little they keep stopping the game stream to a global number 1 game server.

it looks like someone is playing with the connection

ping rates are quite bad at around top 200's to middle 300's then suddenly they spike to well over 1000 ping every 2 minutes.

local isp speed test comes back around 12mbps which is great
international speed tests come back around 10mbps
but then when i go to access that band width i only get around 2mbps
cant stream any TV systems like netflix youtube 4k doesnt run because of the massive throttling on upload speed.
but when i do upload speed tests i can see it hitting a throler kicking in at 100k then jumping up to around 500k
it then allows the speed test to jump up as it identifys the speed test and blows out the end giving a massive false result of showing it is faster than it really is
and... you cant access that speed level with any software.
it appears obvious that certain platforms like youtube and netflix have been given extra bandwidth but not enough to run them properly without stalling the stream after a few seconds.

soo my 250 ping rate which is the best i can get bloats to 500 or 1000 ping every couple of minutes.

after some checking over a month or two it looks like someone is playing with the connection
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packet tests show another terrible story
jitter is sitting around 12 but then disconnects the connection after 1 minute
then when it does run the full packet test the jitter jumps up to around 50 or 75 which is crazy

all in off peak times

my average packet test is losing around 30% to 50% of its packets
sitting at a 90 seconds duration

if i wind it down to only around 35 seconds i get a 0 loss 99% of the time.

average pin on the packet test is running around 180 blowing out to off the chart every time within a 2 minute to 90 seconds duration
even though jitter is only sitting around 12
just stopped after 25 seconds

Packet Sizes: 995 and 1011 Bytes
Frequency: 15 Pings/Second
Duration: 92 Seconds
Acceptable Delay: 200 Millisecond
This will send a total of 1373 pings and use 1.16 MB of data.

Upload Packet Loss
⬆ %
Total Packet Loss
⬆⬇ 79.0%
(943 / 1194)
Download Packet Loss
⬇ %
Late Packets
⏱ 21.0%
(251 / 1194)
Average Latency: 241.08ms

Average Jitter: 16.34ms
normal ping
United StatesWest USCalifornia 209 ms
United StatesWest Central USWyoming 240 ms
United StatesWest US 2Washington 237 ms
United StatesSouth Central USTexas 252 ms
United StatesNorth Central USIllinois 269 ms
CanadaCanada EastQuebec City 298 ms
United StatesEast US 2Virginia 290 ms
CanadaCanada CentralToronto 287 ms
United StatesEast USVirginia 417 ms
United StatesCentral USIowa 281 ms

but blows out to 1000 ping on most connections every 2 to 4 minutes for a second or 2
im getting sudden spawn in kills by game characters
suddenly it freezes
then players spawn right close to me after the freeze and i die in the game

even though that connection tests to 10bmps
and real stream rate internationally is around 1.5mb to 2mbps

should not be getting spawn death

i get game freeze, then spawn death
looks like someone is messing with me as im playing
it has only just started happening around 6 weeks ago
it has made the game practically unplayable
i have reinstalled the game and defragged and disk cleaned cookie sweeped etc etc..
pc is running good.
have around 2GB free ram when game is runnign and have turned down the graphics even though i dont really need to
i turned it down to make it go faster which helped
but once i had it running faster, it just got worse and worse
progressively over the next few weeks

i am on the verge of un-intsalling the game and throwing it away

i have down graded the difficulty 4 levels to try and get through the stage but still cant.

inspite of being able to JUST get through the top difficulty level 2 months ago at off peak times with maybe 2 or 3 replays

now i have turned down the difficulty by around 30% over all
and its still doing the same thing
freezing and spawn killing me.

occums razor
someone is fucking with me while play the game
other possible situations
i was pondering this today
the game play is unable to stream fast enough to cater for the speed of the game play required to compete at the higher level
the combined bad ping, slow game server and international throttling means the game server peels back what it sends in the stream so it then spawns in late characters.
because the game server cant provide the data fast enough it skips data

i have seen this many times where it just seems to stop spawning characters for no apparent reason or auto plays long no character play sections in a time critical game.

this custom delivers a game speed stream to a scenario which the server is monitoring.

the short answer for those not so well versed in computer stuff
i have got to a high difficulty level in the game where the internet speed is too slow to be able to play at the high level
now the game server is dropping/spawning in characters right on top of me which can kill me with a single attack and i need to spend around 1 to 2 minutes of VERY fast hand eye coordination and computer speed to beat.
imagine typing around 50 to 65 words per minute with someone in a conversation
THAT is around the hand eye co-ordination speed

so now we know why xbox and playstation bought their own internet lines to the box games in peoples houses

because this is what would have happened to game play

but the internet service providers want to keep it quiet.

the game server must have AI on it running its game streaming to conserve band width and server cpu.
the isp's throttle international lines to a real down load speed of around 1.5mbps
but ..
the killer is the data stalling where the ping goes into the 1000's
because of the massive upload throttling which the isp's effectively block uploads so the game server cant get a fast response to the massively poor quality line and packet quality at the gamers end.

this must be the secret that xbox and playstation were keeping when they sold it as
"better in home quality"
as they probably paid premium pricing bulk discounts for dedicated un throttled no packet loss lines
as the ISP's then gave all the shit connections to everyone else.

double billing by service quality...
more like quadruple billing

this would explain the brick wall i hit a few weeks back

and the person _ucking with me is the game server reducing data to give its self credit then spawn killing to save data on top of internet stalls and massive ping.
im pushing a computer AI that is determined to prevent me from achieving the required speed to beat the level because it knows it cant deliver the game data fast enough.

the bitter end of my game
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non computery people...
what does this mean ?

book readers ?

imagine your reading a pay per page book
and its really great
your half way through
then when you pick up the book again
all the page numbers have been removed
and all the pages have been randomly shuffled around
you think, wow thats a bit shit
you mentally note all the different pages and where they are roughly in order after you continue to read 20 or soo pages
then you put the book down
the following day you pick it up
and wham ! all the pages have been randomly shuffled AGAIN into a different random order
and then after the pages have been randomly shuffled around, they have been chronologically numbers front to back.
you work your way through it
then you read a few pages
then you put it down
the following day the same thing has been done again

would you keep trying to finish reading the book ?
well that seals it

the server is unable to receive data fast enough to load to the game screen because of the loss of packets and throttling

speed tests show 10mb per second
but the real rate is only around 0.75MB per second
the upload speed is throttled soo much that the game server cant keep up with the loss of packets and poor quality connection and throttling

the throttling is put in place to sell to netflix sony playstation xbox and other such 3rd party providers who are selling band width to premium people
so my band width is being sold off to other commercial companys

i have got to a point in the game where my computer information is being lost before it gets to the game server and data coming back is so slow the game server is stopping sending data down and data is being lost.

death of a game
un authorized Remote access through game consoles
so when you load a game console it allows mods in that company to remote into your computer
completely unhindered.

not impressed !
it looks like they are running spy ware in the background while the game console installs.

my gues is they have loaded AI to prevent game play above a certain level limiting the game server to manufacture losses to prevent further advancement in the game...

and ... then 6 weeks later i see the next version of the game is being advertised.
i expect they will sell out all their customers and stop supporting the previous game.
looks like they are already winding back support for it.
i crashed my game and it wont start again, it says it is corrupted
tried re0install but they seem to be locking me out from being able to register me games and activate them through the console

now they are using the console to lock out games by applying bad patches and de allocating band width and server CPU.

now i see what it is
remote access trawling my hard drives when i try too install the console
and throttling the bandwidth and stalling updates.

ta daaaaaaaaaaaaa
suddenly there is the next new version of the game
just being advertised today

what i dont get is what looks like someone has remoted in to my computer and is stalling out browsers and locking out internet access then suddenly it goes in a quick bursts to almost load 1 page.

looks totally dodgy

why someone would bother to do this tome i dont know
im a nobody
dirt poor and not related to anyone famous

very very odd
keeping in mind im watching my upload & down load rate constantly
and watching my processor speed and volume
i can see how much of my cpu is being used
and i can see how much memory is spare and being used.

for no apparent reason at all the my computer browsers freeze when i try to open them and then only load in short burts every minute or soo to almost 1 page

then if i load the speed test page
it suddenly starts to magically speed up
and then i can suddenly get 10mbps to the other side of the world.
what battlenet have now done is they have said i need an update
but the update wont load
so they have locked me out of the game

i did wonder if some dodgy country owned them but they are head quartered in the usa

it looks like the blizzard app console completely freezes up my computer
after it has been running very fast with no problems for a few years.
so i paid for the game registered i and it is registered(paid for) with them but the game console is freezing my web browsers and now wont in.
i had un-installed it
then re-installed it
now the game console re-installed
and its just hanging freezing my internet access via my web browsers.

battle net game console
blizzard entertainment

i think they are shitting all over the previous game players as they start loading endles bugs into the old games to push sales of their new game

they have probably loaded massive amounts of spy ware into the game console
which allows them to be able to remote into your computer when you install the console.

i really liked their older stuff
went with them(thought thier re-structure stuck with them, even bought the big flop)
as a well paying customer on their latest big sellers
now something weird is going on
i have been buying thier products for 20 years

now im just about ready to become a inter-voice for not buying their products
extremely frustrating
maybe there is someone hacking the isp line somewhere between me and the exchange on top of the game issues

if u didnt get it by now im a reformed hard core gamer
i have player 1000s of hours of games
done hundreds of installs and upgrading my own computer.

so i have a general idea how to do what is normally required

now it has stalled on the blizzard battle net server pulling compulsory files required to id the game keys and game files as it checks to see what is on my computer.
i dont mind them spying on my computer
but it looks like they are or someone is messing with it

a straight forward un-install
has turned into a IT help Desk T2 level challenge

fucking ridiculous !
so i uninstalled the game console
then uninstalled the games
then installed the game console and re-installed the game from the server
then i crashed the game
and then when i started it up again
it said i had to load an update
i had to contact support
who will only help me ... maybe ... if i send them a photo copy of my passport
in a digital age

so im waiting for the battle net console to load files from the server to data match my files and game keys to autherise them ...
but it has stalled
and wont continue
and that was during an install process of the game console install that seems to take 3 hours when it should take about 15 minutes

has someone hacked it ?

is one of the battle net/blizzard staff sabotaging the older games on company command ?
have battle net blizzard given command to their engineers to de prioritize all old game services to off peak times only (around a 4 hour window per 24 hours)
5th install seems to be telling me it is able to work.
but i wont know until i have started the game and it has then loaded another compulsory update which shuts the game out until it has accepted it(compulsory sex).

only took 7 hours to install the game console and the game...
80% of that time was waiting for the internet speed to be opened up to get the data from the usa server.
it spent around 4 hours just sitting there line open waiting for data from the server
nothing happening...
maybe they used my computer to re-route a cyber attack on the usa stock market and turn all future bonds into crypto currency and then change the name to lol-mo-money(i live in hope)
seems to be ok but im yet to test it
with all the compulsory updates which require pre authorization prior to the game starting, it forces the game off.
this seems like a fairly heavy leaning on the game server and internet connection but its how they keep hold of the revenue.
one(any) non relevant compulsory update that has a bug disables the game.
the updates have to sync with the server version.
ok if you pay for cable and split the price in one house between 5 incomes
that way it makes it seems almost cheap
but in reality
that price per user is the cutting edge of global battles right now to own control and streaming to cell phones and tablets.

previous well established high speed networks are being ransacked to double-billing-sell-on to providers of pay per view product user groups

so they are robbing peter t pay paul
taking bandwidth off home paying users to give to streaming of videos to cell phones.

its capitalism at one of its least ideal ranges.
the internet connections of houses are being turned into a utility compliance cost for people to watch free broard cast Tv
then they have to pay per channel to watch movies and other content.
from centralization to decentralization
this is what is called "asset striping" of the market consumer base.

only issue is the money putting the bread on the table of the internet company's is the home user subscription weekly income
but they are bleeding the service out of it.
it wont be long until the consumers realize and it gets potentially very nasty

soo you have governments subsidizing private profit comanys to use my tax dollars on instead of paying for health care of sick and elderly, being syphoned off to companys that are then bleeding it off to then re-sell it to providers who only sell to subscription users.
again ... one of the more unsatisfactory ends of capitalism.
the governments have not really seen this coming.
there is no regulation to prevent it upsetting the market.
the usa internet ownership manufactured drama was a way to try and change the debate while the entire system was asset stripped.
that seems to be stalling luckily.

that is 1 HUGE pro argument for government funding of % G network towers and servers.
to simply force the jump at higher revenue to the 5 g for all video streaming and leave all the land lines for home users and local small business.

however, tackling that in a diverse market place is EXTREMELY difficult and way ast the thinking spheres of most leaders
they rely on private consultants to tell them what to do
and those same consultants probably also get paid by the companys looking to asset strip the consumer base.
all very legal but very very distasteful way to set a torch to a perfectly good home user cable system.
just tested it
it runs ok
however... thats the good news
the bad news is the internet line quality is poor
loosing data between me and the server
and the speed of the data is running at only around 300k to 750k
so it lags the game data into the game which trys to catch up but cant and the game freezes
then spawn death scene as the computer renders the characters which then fire at me while i am frozen in the game
only takes 1 single hit by one of 3 to 10 characters around me to kill me.

i could wind up my pc a bit to make it faster and tweek a few drivers.
however that wont speed up the internet and it wont fix the massive buffering(delayed data)
or the data losses when the ping spikes to anywhere up to 2000

so i can not advance in the game any further at the current rate.
my key buttons can not connect to the game fast enough to on top of loosing data.
in the off peak times its reached its limits where the internet connection to the server is too slow and too much lost packets. plus massive jitter and suddenly massive ping for a second or two

it only takes about 3 seconds in a quiet patch in the game to be killed
in the fast places it only takes around half a second to be killed

the new game might be good, but it wont be a hand eye mental challenge combining FPS and role play
to will be purely character building and limited ability up to the quality of the internet line.

throttling by the isp is also engaged at certain points which instantly kill me in the game.

FPS online would be a complete waste of money and time

surprisingly enough
game shops now almost exclusively sell xbox or playstation games

and i dont like xbox or playstation
the controllers are very poorly designed and vastly limit hand eye coordination advancement
so you get crippled at experience levels because the human hand simply doesnt work that way.

that is why they have built in massive video clips to make the games look like a movie
because people cant advance in their skill levels
and they do not have to provide band width for a movie being played and they have put in set moves where you have combination moves because the human hand cant move fast enough to higher skill, people get bored and lazy and want to get a new game
so they can then sell a new game lol
consumerism at its finest

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that was sort lived
my connection is being disconnected
every 2 to 3 minutes up to around 4 or 5 minutes the international connection is simply stopped and throttled back to ZERO, then up again
0.98mb download
0.72 upload
seems to be the actual international speed
bounces up to 10mb down but the upload which requires the commands to transfer data to the game server is being throttled back to ZERO then up to 0.1k etc...

so every 2 to 4 minutes the game server gets no data and cant send data
up and down like a cycle
roughly a 2 to 4 minute cycle

what is VERY odd is my browsers and game freezing
there is no reason for the browsers to freeze.
yet my ping to these servers seems to be fairly
250 to 400
United States

West US California 213 ms
United States West Central US Wyoming 241 ms
United States West US 2Washington 237 ms
United States South Central US Texas 252 ms
United States North Central US Illinois 272 ms
Canada Canada East Quebec City 298 ms
United States East US 2Virginia 287 ms
Canada Canada Central Toronto 373 ms
United States East US Virginia 341 ms
United States Central US Iowa 294 ms