Intrinsic Value

Of course it isn't practical lol
If you think it's interesting you might want to have a look at my thread "Nothing really matters" in which they all disagree with me. But here they all agree with the notion that intrinsic value doesn't exist.. go figure.. :shrug:

I saw the thread and it was 9 pages...screw that. Anyways I just thought "Nothing really matters....ya pretty much", and moved on.
seeking pleasantness does however

Plants seek pleasantness ?? Where did you get that ?
Do you think a plant can evaluate a situation as pleasant ? Or is it merely that it does good under certain circumstances ?
And what if the situation isn't 'pleasant', does it pack up and leave ? Or do certain survival system spring into life (certain genes are switches off and others are switched on to cope with the changes) ?
Plants do not seek pleasantness, they just grow where they can.