Is Einstein Wrong?

c'est moi:

<i>relativity (both of them) gives a very very mathematical view of reality</i>

You say that as if it's a bad thing. Not fond of maths?

<i>I can say that Time = Space and make a perfect mathematical model, but therefore, this does not mean it is *really* like that
maths is a tool, it's just very abstract </i>

Does it matter if things aren't "really like that", provided that the theory makes correct predictions about what we should see in the real world?

<i>just this, for anyone in these kind of debates, don't get emotional because that's real stupid and irritating</i>

Irritation is an emotion, isn't it? ;)

<i>lastely, concerning general relativity, my intuition tells me that it can't be correct ...</i>

Intution is not necessarily a good guide. Quantum mechanics is perhaps the most counter-intuitive theory we have, yet it is also perhaps our most accurate theory.
"Why? Maxwell's equations were correct."

most probably not
there's no notion of broken symmetry for example might be helpful for this
according to Maxwell the MEG shouldn't be working etc.

"Gravity waves should be detected under some extreme exotic conditions. Scientists do what they can. And the conditions have to present themselves in order to be observed."

no really true, read the matter myth for this where it is explained how the experiments work to detect those gravitation waves
it's not what I would call "exotic"
Isn't it so that General relativity suggests curvatures of the universe 60 orders of magnitude greater than those seen?
And indeed, I don't like maths (though I'm good in it) and I think it is fair to say that maths are just a tool and in no way can they provide a realistic model of reality. The maths themselves are not 'real'. And again, relativity does not necessarily explain everything accurately.
Marmet calculates the advanced perihelion of mercurius without using any relativity, so no spacetime curvatures etc. in other words, 'simpler' and as Occam's razor would prefer
and Aspden is able to produce the law of gravity without relativity
and a very big objection is again that it stands in the way of producing a theory of everything, Einstein couldn't do it, and decades afterwards, Einstein's followers are failing as well