Is stoning and discriminating against gays doing unto others?

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Is stoning and discriminating against gays doing unto others?

Discrimination through law is quite good. Laws are permission and indeed, compulsion to discriminate against certain sub groups within the country. Perpetrators of crimes are to vigorously being discriminated against. Anyone from murderers to thieves to the lesser criminals; described by law. We discriminate a lot. This is negative discrimination and in this case quite good.

We also have positive discrimination. Love of country and our society being the highest form of positive discrimination.

Gays as, a sub group of our society, are being discriminated against by a shrinking minority of the religious right. As well, some small percentage of non-believers. Homophobia crosses the religious and political natures within humankind.

Neither of the left leaning churches nor society at large, including our political regimes, who are charged with the protection of individual rights; are doing their duty to this group that is being discriminated and denigrated without just cause.

Where in the hell is the law? And why are they not protecting the rights of gays?
Especially the Catholic law enforcement charged with prosecution of their pedophile protecting pope. A little negative discrimination would be nice here folks.

Studies on morality indicate that most have, as a first moral tenant; something that resembles, ---- do unto others. This is for both believers and non-believers.

If all people then profess to be moral, why has the unjust discrimination of our own sons and daughters not stopped?

If you cannot do unto your own children, how in hell are you ever going to learn to do unto others in your society?

Live your first moral tenant. If you cannot, then you cannot live any of the lesser ones. Please discriminate only when there is a just cause. In this issue, there is no just cause.

For evil to grow, all good people need do is nothing. You profess to be a good person on paper. All you need do is recognize that being gay is just the luck of the draw. So is the fact that you are not if you are not gay.


First they came for gays.

"First they came for the Jews, but I did nothing because I'm not a Jew. Then they came for the socialists, but I did nothing because I'm not a socialist. Then they came for the Catholics, but I did nothing because I'm not a Catholic. Finally, they came for me, but by then there was no one left to help me." – Pastor Father Niemoller (1946)”