Is there a (eye)doctor in the house?


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It is some time ago now, but I got blasted with a lazer,...right in my right eye,...

now after some time,...(+/- six months) there's a black spot developping and when I watch my monitor, is in the way,...preventing me from reading relaxed,...and it enoys me verry much,....

Is there a treatment?
Well... you might start by seeking
the advice of a REAL physician. :bugeye:

You are concerned with possible retinal damage,
and I recommended that you seek professional advice.

Where’s the negativity?

I've kind of been suffering the same problem, it's made me real lazy at reading peoples posts and correcting my spelling.

I know that my right eye is also the problem, again a blackdot. Athough I believe my method of getting a dot was through something like a speck of dust, or what I thought at the time was a meteor fragment or falling implant.

Anyway, putting how it occured aside, I know that my eye has a small amount of cellular damage on it's surface and that radiation (notibly monitors) can increase the "Dot". (Put it like this, light no longer goes through a smooth lens but is being distorted by a scratch, the scratch being caused by the cells suffering damage at that area).

Try to cut down on being around radiation emmisions, if it gets too much you might have to tr yan eye patch, so you focus on reading with your good eye.

Thre might be of course more to your dot, but I can't discuss it as I don't know the full details myself.
Put a patch over the eye and train yourself to use a single eye to view the world. That way, the black spot won't bother you anymore. This would also provide the foundation for any number of interesting personas that you could take on.

... or go see a doctor :bugeye:
Right on !

Heehehe, eye patch,...well: it certainly looks groovy,...hmm hehehe:D

Eventually I'll visit a doctor when I really have too,...:rolleyes:
But isn't there some advanced treatment,...lazer perhaps,...
well : maby even a specialist,...a regular doctor doesn't know of newly and improved methods,...

Indeed it gets bigger when I sit in front af the monitor a long period af time,...

An ex of mine had a lazy eye,...she couldn't see trough it: altough it looked normal: I should have gave her the advise to put on an eyelatch,...hehehe it would certainly suit her,...hehehe if you know wha I mean,...aye ! :D

I am going to echo everyone's elses advice. Go to a doctor! Not tomarrow or next week but soon. You are toying with one of the items you can not replace. Take it from me, you do not want to go through life one eyed.

There is a nice long name for it but there is an uncurable eye disease that affects the center of your eye. It can be slowed but can not be cured. Annual monitoring is required. It's symptoms are simular to what you have described. I heard of it, while at the eye doctor, having the last cataract measured for a new lens yesterday. (He has a machine outside of one room where patients can be informed while waiting by computer and the volume is loud enough that you are informed of everyone's problems)
If your right eye offends you, pluck it out.

Seriously, I concur with Goofyfish.

Get offa your ass and speak to someone who actually gets paid for it.
See a doctor!

You probably have retinal damage. When you see a doctor, he may prescribe you a scar reducing medication that can heal the damage about 95%. If you wait too long, the scar will form and harden and the same medication will not be as effective. You will have a permanent scar that will cause problems when you try to get a driver's license. You will not be able to identify text as you look at them. But you can see the texts around the periphery of the focus point. By then, it will be too late.

Your choice...