Isoteric breathing exercises benefits ?

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    I wanted to know in summary what benefits can be achieved by these isoteric breathing exercises. This is one I saw in an ebook. Now I am not having ago at the guy who wrote this all I want to know is from those who have tried similiar exercises what did you gain

    Chakra Heat Exercise

    Level 1 Exercise Chakra Heat (Perform 5 to 10 minutes twice daily)
    Lay down on your back in the classic yoga corpse pose. Close your eyes and
    listen to relaxing music or sounds. Keep the tongue on the roof of your
    mouth just behind the front teeth. This is important for your energy

    Follow these instructions carefully and do the following breathing exercise
    during the entire meditation.

    Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose for approximately 4 to 5
    seconds, hold your breath in (as long as you can comfortably) and gently
    compress your stomach muscles as if you were trying to form and squeeze a
    ball located inside your body between your genitals and belly button. Then
    exhale through your nose slowly and continually for up to as long as 10
    times that of your inhale. Pull your abdominal muscles inward towards your
    spine to squeeze out additional air and massage internal organs.

    Now at the same time you are practicing this breathing method, especially
    while holding your breath, imagine a hot bright reddish orange ball of fiery
    energy that is spinning clockwise inside your abdomen, just under your
    navel. (Clockwise rotates down the left side and up the right side).

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