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I haven't been a member on a forum in a number of years, mainly used to roam around on various metal band boards until most of them shut down or the community died out. I found this place the other day and it's seems to suit me and my wide array of interests.

I live in the southern United States surrounded by right wing religious lunatics. Although I don't subscribe to any kind of ideology directly I do find religions throughout the world fascinating as they are a creative product of human consciousness.

World history, myths and legends, philosophy, existentialism, as well as poetry and macabre fiction are my hobbies and obsessions.
Welcome to the forum JT. Enjoy yourself, and don't take anything too seriously. We're all just bored primates punching on keyboards.
Speak for yourself...
... my keyboard punches me! :(

I'd purchase one of these if I was you!

Welcome to the Sciforums, pleased to meet you. :wave:

Good to read you again too, Balerion. ;)