Joint found, smoke it or nay?

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So, I'm having a good day, a day off in fact.
I go into town, do a few errands, check the mail at the post office (I'm in a semi-remote location which doesn't have mail delivery [Australia]) and lo and behold, what do I see lying on the counter (just underneath actually, I've got eyes like a hawk!) but a cigarette, a hand rolled one, a big fat one. That's a bit odd methinks, most people roll a smoke and stick it straight in their gob and smoke the fucker!...Hmm,..maybe it's a joint, a reefer, a number, a get my drift.
So I pick it up, examine it unbeknownst to the other post office patrons. It's a small town, in Australia, they're all fucking zombies y'unneshtan'?

It's been rolled with love, almost a work of art and my, that appears to be greenery in there, I have a sniff....yikes, that's some serious shit!

So Sciforummers, what should I do?
Ignore the possibility it was rolled by some skanky syphyllitic ho'?
Ignore the possibility of lighting it up only to arrested milliseconds later?
Ignore the possibility it has been laced with horse tranquilsers?
Smoke up a storm and talk shit on sci (despite the fact there's only about 3 normal human beings left on here.)

I need advice...

Oh, maybe I should put a lost and found notice in the local paper!
I don't know about you, but I was thinking about the other people:

Whoever went to pick up their "delivery" was already so wasted, that when they reached into their pocket for ID or whatever, that's when they remembered they were carrying their "emergency" reefer, but then their "package" was handed to them, so they set the doobie under the counter, meaning to shift the load and grab it when the postal worker wasn't looking, but instead had to check the ticket, but by then FORGOT what they had been doing, having been zoned out from their earlier activation of a non-emergency backup joint out in the parking lot, but then, only after arriving back at the crib came to the ponderous discovery that they lost the booger somewhere and are now even as we speak deliriously tearing apart the seat cushions of their car hoping to find it before the the next shakedown by the dope-sniffing dogs when they check in with their parole officer which they are already late for.

Man, what a hassle.
Then again it might have been put there by the local police to see who are the people they should be watching since only those who know what the thing was would ever take it with them. I'd leave it where it was and not trust who put it there or left it there.