Let's cut through the chase: Jesus didn't exist.

All but the second show exactly the same face/image. As if a single image was used to fake the images.
It is in a busy PUBLIC hospital. It went through phases where it gradually appeared then gradually disappeared. Its not even viewed as a hoax at all because so many people were there but more likely some sort of aberrant phenomenon..
M*W: Let's get right down to it. Jesus didn't exist, and there is no proof that confirms he existed. Why is it that people continue to believe he is their dying demigod savior? When will they ever learn that there is no Jesus. No savior. No heaven. No hell. No religion? When will you people realize you are living a big fat lie?

Medicine woman must have some kind of time machine we don't know about to make superfluous claims like these.

Well my lovely lady. There is actually quite a bit of proof that Jesus did exist.

Why didn't you cite any ?

In fact, there is no contemporary evidence for Jesus or the Gospel events.


All we have is anonymous stories from long afterwards.

Not one single person in history is recorded as ever meeting any historical Jesus.

Paul had a vision, he never met Jesus.

The Gospels and the other NT epistles were all written by unknown people who never met Jesus.

That is the conclusion of modern NT scholars.

But, True Believers are the last to find out.

Isnt that a little spooky?

Funny thing is that we don't know how he looked, if he existed. So any image of any bearded guy is automaticallly Jesus.

This thread was answered correctly in post #2, the rest is just filler...
Well we know approximately how he looked. So what is your point? prove it, prove it, prove it. You anal or something?