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I agree with this. It also resonates metaphorically. The conventional, conveniently neat/perfect (as in never susceptible to deceit, manipulation or corruption) teachings of Hinduism/reincarnation etc in relation to moral karma is disconcertingly and suspiciously unrealistic and not aligned to actual reality.

If the system really were that fair and perfect, then there wouldn't be souls/entities that grow more powerful/capable/learned in evil incarnation after incarnation. they became that way because they did not have to pay for their wrongs or that their predation was just not held accountable or punished. that correlates here also regarding laws of nature where innocence, trust and naivetey may be the first targets of deceit and scapegoating.
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I remember having a vision that before I incarnated that I looked down here and was so horrified by the unethical system. This wasn't just outward manifestations you would see as in big events which society usually focuses on in the news but actually seeing how the dynamics/underlying structure are in a hidden grid system. I suppose I was actually able to see , say, on a quantum level and whatever I became aware of just horrified me and made me ill. It also made me angry and so moved with pity (even very tempted/leaning toward sacrificing myself to help) towards those who were unfairly, even some unknowingly being exploited and suffering. on hindsight, that was the bait and clincher for me where I was going to be a victim. oh, they want your compassion and sympathy, but to misuse it.

I wanted to change this whole system and naively believed these beings when they said that I could. i was very passionate about this. what made me a prime target is, I had a recipe/plan for using the dark against itself as well and that is something most others don't do, it's just more comprehensive and potent. I think this more real effective rather than just some lightworkers on one side doing good and evil doing the opposite on the other etc, is what made me a threat to this system even more and so a much more target of rendering me and this plan to obscurity. as in I was a prime target of evil for this reason. once I had a reading and it kept saying, 'they know who you are,'and I was like what does this mean, though intuitively I kind of already did know is that, while most lightworkers are kind of soft on evil which is one of the reasons why they are not as targeted, I was really going to go for the jugular when it came to evil. but the thing is, this place is RUN BY EVIL (so far)! of course, they weren't going to let me do that and then make sure I was pummeled to the ground and degraded/humiliated for trying to destroy them. yes, I came here with the express and definite purpose/objective/agenda to destroy evil and/or subjugate evil as it has done to good. not compromise with it, not play with it, not let it get away with it's deeds, not flatter it, not stroke it's ego to calm the beast etc. so of course, I would be notoriously hated by dark forces for that. to be honest, I can't even remember explicitly what that plan was anymore because it was encoded as part of that light that was confiscated and the light that was left in me was tarnished. but rest assured that I know in my gut that it was tortured or misused with the objective to twist it to evil use or render it ineffective/damaged.

I had a map done of my life plan before I incarnated and planned to hold off on my personal desires/fulfillment until my humanitarian objectives had been accomplished and then meet my love at the end or so they said I could. I accepted because I figured that was more important.

Heh. Well, things did not go like this at all. as a matter of fact, I was born to parents and family where their mission was to actually stop exactly this mission: absolute pure evil. their abuse wasn't just from general frustration with life, possibly not the happiest home etc but in these cases, you still may have a chance because it's not really focused on you specifically and consciously. their abuse was highly personal, invasive, learning my pressure points, strengths and weaknesses and directed at me in such a way to sabotage, undermine and cripple any real chances. coincidence? not. furthermore, whatever compassion/light/power I brought with me for this purpose was confiscated and misused for personal worldly power and money, just as the usual. I had no help or support in any way, shape or form for my supposedly life mission. it was all bullshit.

the part of this agreement that still may have a chance is, I may meet my other half here before I die but that is even iffy. the part that I think probably isn't bullshit and real in all of this is my other half probably was tortured the same. heck, maybe he isn't even here. actually, I would rather feel at more peace if he were not here to suffer.

the moral of the story being that having good intentions and even a plan is not enough. there is politics (astral realm) you need to be aware of as well as timing. there are some really nasty, powerful and evil beings of consciousness also. you see it also reflected in human vessels also. people are channels/pawns for these things on all levels and strata of society. it's often a choice though. it will use temptation such as jealousy, selfishness, suffering, hardship etc to get you to inflict harm on others and continue this cycle. it's not at all a Pollyanna or all good here or automatically that good can or will win or make ground. even if one can be in the right, it can't be implemented if there are no supporters but mostly detractors. it's also about gradual improvement and actually being in the right place at the right time. you have to consider the ethical and social climate at the time you incarnate. otoh, some who break the ice or have to be radical in some way, may unfortunately be sacrificed in the beginning. this has happened all throughout history as people have been despised, brutalized, tortured, hated and killed for such, even for good (crazy place). as society becomes more evolved and ethical, the good souls here will have more support and possibly protection to bring love, good, fairness, kindness, compassion etc as well as do their ethical mission.
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strangely, I know why I was targeted so heavily by extremely powerful dark forces. I wanted to implement pure ethics (down to the essence). what I've noticed is most lightwork is done to appease evil first, then the good remaining is actually allowed to reach it's intended target or objective. an analogy would be that within these laws of nature, it is evil steals power from good for it's own agenda. this is the metaphor of the impostor. in a truly ethical system, the motives and that light would correlate and be in sync. true legitimacy which is rare here and an exception. not one subservient or used nefariously. and there are actual legitimate beings like that here that aren't wolf in sheep's clothing, impostors, and use good/light as cloaking devices. simulation, perhaps? that's an understatement. lots of fake shit going on here. many politicians out there with masks. they are not just the ones who have notoriety. BUT there are far more of such here because of the backward (imo) laws of nature.

that whole metaphor of offering sacrifices to the powers that be/gods isn't as imaginary as one would suspect. it was also a matter of questioning and challenging the merits of authority, not blind subservience/obedience. my plan was to radically turn this upside down. in effect, it would usurp the established hierarchy. but this was much deeper on an ethical scale. the very laws of nature here run counter to such ideas. of course, that's a suicide mission and totally unrealistic. reiterate: so far.

I don't think it was a spiritual coincidence that I was born to a very powerful but evil father who hated me because I was good and would question his motives as well as his modus operandi. also a mother? (barf) and stepfather the same way. they were the types to believe they had unquestioned authority and superiority as well as no moral scruples at all.

they absolutely hated me on a very deep level from their core because my nature was the opposite.
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I don't think it was a spiritual coincidence that I was born to a very powerful but evil father who hated me because I was good and would question his motives as well as his modus operandi. also a mother? (barf) and stepfather the same way. they were the types to believe they had unquestioned authority and superiority as well as no moral scruples at all.
they absolutely hated me on a very deep level from their core because my nature was the opposite.
That sounds very painful, sorry you had to go through that.
when I was comparing naksatras of the people I have known, there was a interesting repeated pattern but what I found is one thing you can't blame your birth chart for is your moral choices. it doesn't matter what you are inclined or lean toward, it is always a choice so you can't use it as an excuse.

for example, ghandi has an almost exact split between deva (godly/angelic) and rakshasa (demonic) and he chose the ethical way. granted, his intelligence as well as his upbringing to want to reach nirvana and escape the cycle of reincarnation may have influenced his decision but he did choose to do the right thing and draw upon his good side, rather than the base, unethical or deviant. the more one chooses good or the ethical, the more one develops that nature just as if one chooses to keep engaging in evil or immorality, the more they develop it in their character eventually overtaking it.

hitler actually had a human naksatra (mix of deva/demon) and also almost equal quarter (roughly 25%) parts rakshasa and deva (godly/angelic), not nearly as strong or enlightened in the angelic percentage as ghandi which was roughly 50 percent of his character which is actually above the average of most natal charts but on the other hand, he also had almost equal rakshasa (demon) pulling him in the other direction. The angelic part in him won out because he chose it.

one of the reasons rakshasas are so envious/jealous and hostile to humans or devas (devas are spiritually most enlightened and ethical), is because the latter two are are closer to the level of ascension. you can't ascend with all that darkness and evil. this is one of the reasons why they will try to prey on, bring down or 'steal' another's light. it is more tempting to do that than the actual inner work or acknowledging their sins, or making ethical decisions along the way and developing their own genuine inner light, instead they resort to hindering/damaging others to their level or exploiting light from others to 'speed' up their process. it is soul vampirism. they are aka cheaters, using other's souls of light. pedophiles and rapists are a prime example of rakshasas deviant motivations as they are covetous of the light/innocence of children as they know they can utilize it, it's like switching places. they give you their filth and you end up carrying the burden/mess and you do the inner work of their mess that they didn't want to do which could take a long time and they take your light. rakshasas were considered to be very wicked evil men in past lives and many continue to do so again. but it's always a choice. there is no excuse as ghandi even is a world famous example of a man who chose the way of ethics who within his nature could have gone either way.

There is no such thing as the 'devil made me do it' no matter what your nature is. to be ethical or unethical is a choice we are faced with all throughout life, what we choose will determine our character.

but what is THE most ironic and ignorant aspect of rakshasas are they (on this plane) tend to be the most obnoxious, egotistical, entitled and believe they are superior due to the fact they have dark or evil wisdom/power, deviant/manipulative genius or abilities which is quite funny, as if this is all there is. ya know, a big fish in a small pond (assumption that this universe and it's laws are all that is, ever was or ever will be). A cruel warden. This is one of the reasons why they want to keep souls trapped here, so they can keep subjugating, abusing, using, mimicking, raping from light to conflate that it's equal. the demiurge's obscene motive is to obfuscate that evil or the unethical is superior or equal to good/ethics. because in truth, it is literally shit without it. everything good or worth something comes from the light.
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What makes rakshasas dangerous is because they are motivated by base power and ego too much at the expense of everything else that is of value or importance. Spiritual growth is not a race. Even if you are on the bottom, you can slowly start self reflecting and mending/building and incorporating ethical values to steer your own personal growth instead of exploiting, undermining or abusing others to gain an advantage. That way it will truly be your own light, not counterfeit.