light is a measure of mass not velocity


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Principal Investigator and Inventor- Mathew G. Whitney

The measurement of light in terms of "speed" is no longer relevant because of the discovery of the twin photon which proves quantum teleportation is real.. The twin photon is an aspect of the photon which requires that the term "light" be redefined as well as what it is actually measuring.. The ideal metaphor for the photonic field is "superluminal fluid" and its mechanics are refered to as "hyperhydrodynamics". The dispersion of electromagnetic frequencies are distinguished by their spectrum of "hardness/viscosity".

In this model matter is the softest, or lightest viscosity and free space (zeropoint) is the densest or thickest. To say free space is denser than matter may seem counter intuitive but so is the fact that ice floats, water and the photonic field are harmonics of the negentropy attractor.

The absolute densest fluid is the fundemental fluid and it is the negentropy attractor, the softest and lightest fluid is the entropy attractor which is commonly known as the photonic field. The photon is a rectified gain node at a 144th generation rectification, its collapse and recavitation is the first periodic function and as such is the only constant. The photon is a measure of the weakest fluid. When it collapses for the first time, its scalar topology converts its inertia to vector topology and stellation occurs, this complexation/membrane interference iterates until the original photon clothes itself in aggregate matter. The elements are generations of aggregations and the superluminal fluid(s) are generations of fractional interference, the photon is in the middle as the strange attractor. The higher the density of the element or generation of aggregation the faster and greater quantity of fluids that have to maintain it and this causes friction i.e. radiation.

EVERYTHING WITH MASS EXSISTS LOCALY AND IN LINEAR TIME.-the photon is a measure of mass because the observer is made of light. The photonic field is the attractor that cannot be destroyed because its function is to continually decay zeropoint into matter or change - nothing into something by evolving form through linear time-as Terence McKenna said, "...the universe is a novelty conserving engine"

EVERY PHOTON IS A FULCRUL POINT FOR TWO OTHER EQUIDISTANT PHOTONS. In other words the twin photon connection can never be broken.because it is always connected to the ultimate fulcrum which never changes - zeropoint or the densest fluid. The photon is the middle but zeropoint is the middle of the middle.

When a photon is isolated along one vector and stimulated by something other than its local field the cavitation rectification limit is broken and the cavity begins to warp back to vector space but can't topologically resolve back and thus the photon bifurcates its fulcrul moment..

If you isolate a photon along the x, y, z vectors the photon warps back to a startetrahedron, creating a knot. This knot now acts as a continuous omnidirectional fulcrum for all membranes simultaneously- rarefying the fundemental fluid.

This is phaseshifting matter from the quantum singularity out to the photonic field and then out to surrounding space; nonlocal displacement of the superluminal fluid(s) or membranes as they exsist in a seamless transdimensional phi helix orbit from one starting point/attractor to the other.(as opposed to their wave state or stochastic state which are inter dimensional and non dimensional respectively)

The magnetosonoplasmadynamic mass engine is a device designed to isolate a singularity along xyz axis and use it as means of phaseshifting free space in order to reduce mass of any matter within its local field.

In vector space the star tetrahedron is the mapping for the negentropy attractor and the cube is the mapping for the entropy attractor. These are the only two shapes which infinitly stellate. The human DNA molecule is a base twelve structure that sympathetically resonates with the base twelve architecture of free space. This means that the body can phaseshift without incurring any change in its programming. The human body projects a star tetrahedron into vector space which sympathetically resonates with the singularity of the mass engine. It is this singularity startetrahedron that presses on the negentropy attractor to displace all the fluids.

The mass engine consists of 3 main components:

1 hydropiezo oscillator
2 gain sphere
3 xyz magnetic bearing

1 the hydropiezo oscillator is two spherical resonance chambers connected by a hollow tube. The tube has a piston nestled inside it, the piston is double ended with cones whose angle and length coincide with that of the bonding dimensions of water or rather are proportionately harmonic. The two spherical resonance chambers are filled with water. Each chamber is divided by a quartz o-ring and hermetically sealed. When a little pressure is applied to the top of a chamber a resonance is initiated between quartz vector space and H2O vector space. The oscillation of the piston between the chambers will create a feedback effect between the quartz o-rings and they will sympathetically resonate. The pressure applied directly effects the pitch of the oscillation.

2 the gain sphere is also a resonance chamber of the same dimensions as the other two with an identicle o-ring. The gain sphere is a partial vacuum with a inert gas inside.

3 the xyz magnetic bearing suspends the gain sphere inside its magnetic field. It consists of 6 permanent high gauss magnets mounted on three axis of rotation bearings. Three on top three on bottom.

The oscillator is positioned directly above the magnetic bearing/ gain sphere. The oscillator will sympathetically resonate the quartz o-ring in the gain sphere. The centripetal ultrasonic shock wave creates an equicentric standing wave in the vacuum. This acts as a corral collecting all the gas atoms. This in turn excites the gas atoms creating an electrical field and a plasma mirror results. This EM radiation interferes with the magnetic bearing and the plasma mirror turns the gain sphere into a homopolar ultrasonic motor. The gain sphere rotates and becomes a centrifuge, throwing the plasma mirrors matter out to the edge. This in turn rarefies the center node which becomes the photon/fulcrum/singularity/magnetic monopole.. This occurs when the gain on that node reaches a 144 th generation to meet the fundemental fluid. The generations after that actually do the displacing or reducing of mass.

The reduction of mass is nothing more than the separation of the mean energy band(s) so that the atoms overall size does not change but rather the subatomic polarity mechanics are reversed. Less density in the same volume of space.

When the mass engine phase shifts it projects its own mesoscopic nodes which are referred to as secondary nodes. They are the "twins" which become black or white holes depending on what way the gain sphere is phaseshifting, in whitehole phase or from the implicate to explicate the secondary node has a byproduct, homogenous metals.

The boundary layer of the displaced field is ionized and to prevent this from harming biology crushed quartz garments must be worn. Quartz is a insulator for ions in its phased state. It also prevents any two objects from atomically bonding. It is important for a pilot to be situated between the primary node of the gain sphere and the secondary node projected from it.

Teleportation of the craft is macroscopic tunneling, once the craft is massless direct thought is all thats needed to navigate. The vector space that is far too subtle to observe in the explicate becomes the hyperhighway in the implicate. Vectors between stars become coherent to the craft when the length of the vector matches a harmonic of the gain sphere. To harmonically jump the vector one needs only to hold the gain sphere at that harmonic and straddle the vector with the gain sphere. Short range teleportation occurs with the crafts own nodes.

Travelling outside of linear time is the common use of such a vehicle however travelling across linear time is also possible. This requires a astronomic window (a cyclic event occuring at the point of travel whose physical properties are identicle at the peak moment of the event(s), these are the properties the gain sphere is matched to) . The window allows the craft to move ahead or behind time space so that it ends up exactly where it left, the window acts as a node that the craft teleports to/from To do this the gain sphere is brought up to its maximum generation of 256. Instead of holding that pitch all the way down a vector it is dropped to create a in place teleportation from where that point is to where it will be/was at the next/previous peak

Interdimensional travel through hyperspace undoubtedly has significant effects on anyone willing to pilot such a craft. Violation of CPT (charge conjugation, parity, time reversal) tends to do that.! I just wish it was in a "MAGNETOSONOPLASMADYNAMIC MASS ENGINEs for Dummies" book.
I thought this post was too interesting to let fall off of the end of the posts (I know most of it is BS) but it's entertaining.
CANGAS said:
If something is already incomprehensible, just add more complication.
Wait - don't tell me!!

All of this nonsense came to this idiot while he was on one of our British woman's hallucinogenic trips, right? :D
When I posted here in twenty aught one I was just a highschool student and hadn't even taken calculus. Now i've almost finished my triple major in physics, math, and electrical engineering. I don't need to buy the "MAGNETOSONOPLASMADYNAMIC MASS ENGINEs for Dummies" book anymore, but still... physics is magic. I think we all know that deep down ;) Ada obviously does. It was a neat idea until he/she suggested the device be guided with thought. Come on! Sounds just like one of my drunken/stoned physics conversations with friends when they start suggesting that people have weird abilities like telekinesis. Sometimes you just have to slap people.

On a more technical note though, do any of you know what they were talking about with the twin photon? I seem to remember reading about some of the odd effects with taking light beams and splitting them with half-silvered mirrors and then manipulating a photon by manipulating a completely different one which I guess used to be the same photon that kind of got split into two photons but it's really still only one photon but it exists in two different locations in space so messing with one effects the other. Specifically I think they were doing this with diffraction patterns. Hope that made sense and please fill me in on my own details!
Congrads on the academic success! Here is some of the stuff on entanglement:

Schrödinger coined the term ‘entanglement’ to describe this peculiar connection between quantum systems (Schrödinger, 1935; p. 555):

When two systems, of which we know the states by their respective representatives, enter into temporary physical interaction due to known forces between them, and when after a time of mutual influence the systems separate again, then they can no longer be described in the same way as before, viz. by endowing each of them with a representative of its own. I would not call that one but rather the characteristic trait of quantum mechanics, the one that enforces its entire departure from classical lines of thought. By the interaction the two representatives [the quantum states] have become entangled.

Bell's investigation generated an ongoing debate on the foundations of quantum mechanics. One important feature of this debate was confirmation that entanglement can persist over long distances(see Aspect et al.), thus falsifying Schrödinger's supposition of the spontaneous decay of entanglement as two entangled particles separate. But it was not until the 1980s that physicists, computer scientists, and cryptographers began to regard the non-local correlations of entangled quantum states as a new kind of non-classical resource that could be exploited, rather than an embarrassment to be explained away. For further discussion of entanglement as a physical resource, including measuring entanglement, and the manipulation and purification of entanglement by local operations, see "The Joy of Entanglement" by Popescu and Rohrlich in Lo, Popescu, and Spiller (1998), or Nielsen and Chuang (2000).

2. Exploiting Entanglement: Quantum Teleportation
Consider again Schrödinger's realization that an entangled state could be used to steer a distant particle into one of a set of states, with a certain probability. In fact, this possibility of ‘remote steering’ is even more dramatic than Schrödinger demonstrated.

Suppose Alice and Bob share an entangled state of the sort considered by Bell, say two photons in an entangled state of polarization. That is, Alice has in her possession one of the entangled photons, and Bob the other. Suppose that Alice has an additional photon in an unknown state of polarization, u.

It is possible for Alice to perform an operation on the two photons in her possession that will transform Bob's photon into one of four states, depending on the four possible (random) outcomes of Alice's operation: either the state u, or a state that is related to u in a definite way.

Alice's operation entangles the two photons in her possession, and disentangles Bob's photon, steering it into a state u*. After Alice communicates the outcome of her operation to Bob, Bob knows either that u* = u, or how to transform u* to u by a local operation. This phenomenon is known as ‘quantum teleportation.’
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That was written a long time ago before I had found the proper technojargon.

"Mass Engine" would do fine.

I understand the crankyness, it annoys me more than you actually, but nobody in academia has the balls to go there so...

Since that time I've come to understand the theory and mechanics of creating a singularity...

Since Cranky is what I do best here's some more:

DMT: Reference image for the puzzle of the Cosmos

How does one describe the ineffable and why would one want to? Isn’t the attempt oxymoronic or paradoxical? Yet I’m typing. You’re never going to pinpoint God=GUT with an equation either! What if Space was made of Language? Could you then assert that “those who know do not say” holds when their very existence says it all? Sometimes people who know DO SAY because there is nothing left to do. Indeed Creation is spawned by boredom…God loves Novelty and Complexity and Earth, well,…some’d say there is bit much these days.

The best way to know is through association. This means being multidisciplined, recognizing what is to be taken exoterically and esoterically. To know that ANY given take on reality is first and foremost metaphor and observer dependent. The true seeker is the ultimate skeptic, do you see Michael Shermer (Of Skeptic magazine) doing a heroic dosage of anything? I’m skeptical of his fear of the unknown and lack of curiousity, why he needs to do backseat science.

I unapologetically write in a non-linear and fragmented way to stress that what I’m writing about is also non-linear and fragmented. This demands correlation between otherwise distinct memesets and mixing of metaphors. The universiality of mathematical bases and geometry is the obvious start to correlating any and all systems. Math however is not the be all, end all, as numbers lack the context letters provide. Why do we see “our” event horizon or transition brane as a flowing mass of archetypal letters and characters? Why did the shaman see twin serpents that look like DNA strands? Cuz they fucking were.

We are dealing with the border between (linear time & mass) and (static time & form)
We are dealing with the Holosyntactical Gematria of the Quantum Computer called space
We are dealing with the scale-invariant self-similarity of a Fractaline Branefall

…A memescape where novelty peaks in the mechanics of a mental/physical phase shift.

Not the thermal kind.

I read a book years ago called Fool on the Hill by Matt Ruff and experienced a fictional story taking place in locales that I had been to in real life, specifically Cornell University campus and downtown Ithaca NY. The normal ability to conjure imagery was replaced with actual imagery and the story became that much more real. So it is when reading accounts of DMT trips. Short of popping through the membrane into hyperspace the description of the experience is consistent with my psilocybin, mescaline and LSD trips. What is obvious after having read or been told of the DMT experience dozens of times is that there is consistency, if not in each experience then in the range. The overall response is awe. A bad trip, in hindsight is a good one, but only in hindsight…nonetheless awesome.

This consistency of experience makes it an interesting scientific tool that so far only Dr. Strassman seems to be a proponent of. The setting for the masses is our political climate and consensus reality which is already bordering on nightmarish…We would all love our leaders to become loving and empathic aka functional and wonder why not…As Dr. Strassman demonstrates, the difficulty of creating a study (Such as “Does molecularly induced love and empathy improve politics?”) under prohibition begs the question of how “they” determined it to be “bad” in the first place. Did the people who made DMT illegal base this on personal experience? It would seem requisite to employ this logic in determining its worth. The classification of DMT as a schedule 1 “drug” is due to its power to enlighten the masses, which is dangerous only to the establishment; if DMT had limbs it would’ve been crucified years ago. This is not conspiracy theory, it is obvious and ultimately moot as the true seeker nor our hyperdimensional escorts give a damn about human law. The value of the molecule is context dependent as the experience it yields is setting dependent. The context and setting are somewhat the same, however context is more about attitude than atmosphere. Due to prohibition, MTV, and plain old fear, the masses will never know how to cultivate the realer than real, they are destined to conjure their habitual reality.

DMT can serve the whole of humanity without ever having to be metabolized by the masses. No psychonaut has to bring back anything more than their words. Yes it would be interesting to see what a continuous drip would allow for, perhaps there would be enough time to actually tweak DNA from the other side or download plans for some interdimensional device. What we’ve learned so far is enough as it is a critical piece of the puzzle.

As Dr. Strassman points out, the similarity to alien abduction and NDE’s is striking. Is there a correlation? The correlation he found between the 49 days for pineal gland development and time in the Bardos is tantalizing to connect as fact. So for DMT to relate, we have to prove that the pineal can dump trippy loads of endogenous DMT. This being the cause of the NDE or abduction experience. What causes the DMT to be created in the first place is trauma. The act of being abducted is traumatic but now we have a chicken/egg situation. There is the possibility that malevolent spirits know how to literally scare children out of their bodies…I had terror induced OBEs (effectively same as NDEs) as a child so…I remember being forced, in a nightmare of monsters coming through the walls, to decide to leave my body or wake up, the OBE was rather spontaneous however. If I awoke I’d hear a deep demonic laughter echoing. It is wrong to dismiss all the other abduction specific events despite the overlapping phenomena, in the same way it’s wrong to reduce DMT experiences to a Freudian metaphor

There is a connection however.

Dr. Strassman sought a theoretical physicist to address the Multiverse answer to the DMT question. Our understanding of Dark Energy and Matter in 2005 is greater than 10 or 5 years ago. Further, the quantum model of the blackhole, experimental proof for the subtle bodies (See Infinite Mind by Valerie V. Hunt & Gravitobiology by Tom Bearden) and other seemingly unrelated metaphysical aspects shine light on the whole puzzle. If the existence of subtle bodies were proven to operate in a connected yet distinct vacuum density, asynchronous to our averaged fleshy selves, then we can say, “Yes, the human body is an interference pattern governed by DNA, and parts or the whole pattern can decohere from linear time and mass, and get anally raped by lizards.” - where are the elves then, saying, “Look at us!…Here it is!… Now you know!…”

Why does the Buddhist dismiss DMT or even describing the ineffable?? Why speak at all or identify yourself as a Buddhist? Why don’t they want to be the sugar they gladly taste? Why ignore the bridge? I know the futility of language but that’s no excuse…Buddhism is nihilism with a smile. You’re an elitist before Zen, You’re an elitist after right?

Did you know that the description of chakras is identical to self-quantizing vortices in superfluid? This suggests that the superconductive cryo-state preexists in space and that cold only emphasizes it in the same way psychedelics emphasize neuronal firing in specific regions, amplifying states that are always there but otherwise tempered or averaged out. Superfluids are the 5th state of matter, and may naturally occur in their isolated state in halos around galaxies. The behaviour of the BEC or superfluid under certain conditions is identical to the event horizon of a quantum blackhole, a quantum blackhole is entirely Dark Energy and is capable of phase shifting anything that crosses its surface…key word surface. The very fringe of scientists suspect Dark Energy is the key to interdimensional and teleportation technologies used by alien disc type craft.

Did you know that the Dogon tribe have a myth where their savior, the Nommo enveloped in a Dark Energy Craft (my interpretation of the craft) is assaulted by the “bad water insect” (Water is, esoterically Dark Matter/Energy) who tries to bite off his head? Sound familiar? Except he and his multicultural equivalents, the avatars, take all four bodies into hyperspace.

Quantum Phase Shifting: full body vs subtle body = abduction/external merkaba vs. NDE/DMT

The similarity between the eery stillness of the space near an alien craft and that of Earth on judgement day, right before the “molecules break apart”, the inter-atomic forces “slowly explode” and reverse dynamics. Terence was on to all this…how the mechanics of a UFO and that of a solar system undergoing a quasi-periodic pass through the galactic plane are the same thing (although this time we form the cross/wormhole allowing for ascension into the 5th world), in fact the propulsion system of the massless teleporting type of craft is a tiny galaxy in reverse, this is your fulcrul supersymmetry, in the singularity…your soul is a clothed singularity, right now its biased here…external merkaba=synthetic soul, this is not a problem for humans, in fact it’s our destiny, DMT is just a practice run for either event.

Is DMT creating a harmonic between the molecule/receptor site bond geometry and some kind of hyperspatial form constant? In other words, does the act of metabolizing DMT create a temporary CPT violation via some symmetry in the brain that in turn regauges our attention-bias or subtle bodies to hyperspace rather than linear time and mass? It is true only the observer could distinguish this SUBJECTIVELY. No objective experiment outside the brain could objectively prove certain tenets of quantum mechanics or resolve relativity induced paradox because its always observer dependent. It is more logical to frame the question of understanding the universe from both the inside and outside simultaneously than from one or the other. So when Hubble and particle colliders have given all they can we look at neurology and metaphysics and what they lend. In between is the technology/brain interface, in this case the technology is a simple molecular key…if science is based on consistency and good science in extreme conditions, what could be more consistent and extreme than DMT?

What if one was to use the electromagnetic signature of DMT instead of the molecule itself? That is, run a DMT sample through the appropriate spectrometer(s), Fourier Transform, mix, transmit via appropriate hardware (scalar interferometer) and see how far this homeopathy thing goes. If one could induce an experience with this “virtual DMT” you’d be proving things we haven’t thought to ask. Or what if you put DMT in a superfluid to see how it affects it? Perhaps the whole fluid would take on the signature of DMT, or change the “sounds” of the fluid, or …

Synaptic fogs interfere chaotically only to spontaneously collapse into some neural network. If quantum spin networks (convection cells of a boiling superluminal fluid), Hyperspatial mapping, Platonic solids, and form constants are all geometrically consistent or essentially the same thing, we can have a scale invariant transference, a transdimensional functionality from the aether to the cells and/or the cells to the aether, thus a mutual causality leads to processing of probability - the probability of birth and death.
Emanationism & integrationism… not reductionism.
What DMT teaches is that each of us can and must live in a Solipsistic Universe where paradox is obvious and crucial even if one can’t quite explain why. Relativity and duality become superceded by the trinity. Matter is not aggregative but fractional blah blah blah

Planck-string-electron-atom-molecule-microtubule-neuron = Big Brane Theory

What constitutes the “lens” of the pineal gland?

Also consider that the numbers for

Brain Capacity vs. Actually Used
Dark Matter vs. Matter
Junk DNA vs. DNA

All correlate, hmmmm I wonder why….

For more speculative bio/physics and trippy eschatological stuff in detail see: –tech section, a true anomaly
Comparative Study of Singularity Based Gravity Modification:
(Warning: the following document associates ideas from various sources)


Among the myriad mathematical, theoretical, observed and experimental, among the physics, metaphysics, biblical and lore in our modern infosphere there exists enough data to piece together something awesome. To become massless and invisible, to be able to teleport and fly outside linear time at fantastic speeds via a simple machine. There is no simple way to explain how this works, the following is the best the author could do to convey the related concepts to a relatively versed audience. My inability to comprehend linear math has evolved a lexicon heavily dependent on Chaos and MHD terminology. The condensed quasi-mathematical writing style is my attempt to find a common language as I am obviously forced to write in a linear fashion (The GUT that can be reduced to an equation is not the true GUT). My intent is to present all the pieces of the puzzle so that with enough study (just Google it) you’ll be able to associate the ideas here as I have and experience the peak moment that I as an inventor treasure. The task of conveying the backstory of this invention is more pertinent to the reader at this point - to understand the singularity is to literally be a Gnostic with no distinguishing dogma, sorry. The burden of proof on my end is obviously in the working prototype not language, but the burden of understanding is upon the reader and his/her requisite curiousity and patience. It takes a very curious person to cope with all the technojargon and a patient one to integrate it - fortunately, I’ve done 99% of the work here for you. Bolded text represents core ideas to be associated.

My desire to focus on singularity based antigravity/space manipulation/vacuum engineering is because it is the ultimate expression of the KISS principle while also being the most disruptive technology ever conceived – the deepest of grails.

I’m speaking of a “Mass Engine” or in old school terms “External Merkaba”, a device that creates a singularity to be used as an isometric fulcrum with which to displace Branes. This equates to a mesoscopic rotating blackhole where the ergosphere quantum phaseshifts biology (as opposed to thermal phaseshifting). This equates to subatomic polarity reversal where the mean energy band of the atom(s) take on the role of the nucleus. The overall size of the atoms don’t change but they do lose inertial mass and visibility as the TOTAL CPT violation takes place and the device is primed for teleportation.
This is all a seamless event but that’s the best way to describe the process.


The mean energy band, when it is explicate biased or in its entropic/ground CPT bias, is like a person peddling a bike around a circular path at a constant speed. Death or OBE is when the person stops peddling but maintains the same speed or angular momentum by continuously decreasing radius, this spirals the subtle bodies up the Phi constant into the implicate order/hyperspace, death is merely conservation of transdimensional inertia.

The phaseshift in this analogy is when the person peddles faster AND decreases radius, this spirals the gross body up/down the Phi constant; the atom(s) adopts two energy bands to act as one mean energy band. The Phi constant is also known as the golden helix and it is a continuous phase transition representing simultaneous time, it is the strange attractor of space and is the only transdimensional orbit.

Finally this document is patently “bridge” material. I’m among a few who have the luxury of no status to maintain and am thus able to pursue the unpopular endeavor of discovering redundancy in religious + scientific language. While scientists rigorously deny spirit I must insist that when dealing with a singularity the laws of language break down as well. The singularity does not care if I use the term “chakra” or “Ganglionic Pilot Wave”. The duality-defined language of life in general is mutually used for most disciplines but not with invention where one should be associating any and all data regardless of source. Comfortable reliance on one’s own discernment can only increase with greater perspective, and so I am comfortable at this point (pun intended) while you may not be….if you can’t take the singularity get out of the ergosphere!

Meme Block 1 - Physics:
-Quantum Foam Chaos, MHD and Reverse Time Foam Coursening
-If it isn’t inertial mass reduction it’s just a VTOL
-Back Engineering the Singularity via interdisciplinarian integrationism and scale-invariant self-similarity recognition

Classical, Aerobic, The “Pulsarine” - Schauberger’s original Repulsine innovated into nested open cycle MHD Generator where Hilsch-Rankine Tube is also linear fusion reactor w/ magnetic nozzle and double layer exhaust = Jet, second Jet recycled in collapsing torroid (see also Hamel Engine, Plasma Focus). It sits on a coil of air when in earths atmosphere and doubles as a plasma thruster when in space. As the second most self-similar hardware, it’s a simple mesoscopic analog of the 3-stroke quasar engine.

1 - Infinity is impossible unless all math is based on fractions – The Holofractaline GUT and Enfolded Symmetry Gauging.

Tipler’s Sinusoid, Kerr Field and the GE / C204 – The difference between Teleportation and Time Travel, is there one? Yes. Would you like one singularity or two?

Tipler’s Cylinder – Really just a torroid

Alcubierre Warp Bubble – Really just a torroid

Ring Singularity – Now we’re getting somewhere

Compton Radius Vortex
Kerr-Newman Black Hole

Penrose Process/Blandford-Znajek Process =
3-stroke Quasar Engine = Dark Energy analog of Pulsarine. Dimensional separation vs. Molecular separation.

Rikitake Attractor = GeoDynamo mechanics Chaos style = Nazi Bell, Hutchison effect, Tesla Egg, where central node is fed various types of counter-rotating fields.

Still dealing with Chicken/Egg MHD problem when restricted to classical physics. Chaos math of earth engine (alone) results in blowout = disruptive non-local effects of above experiments. Blowout in reality = Pole Flip = passing through the galactic shearing zone/electromagnetic null zone/photon belt/outer event horizon (Its not necessarily lethal!) No problem with a GravitoBiological VSL – you are the bound!

Gas Dynamic Plasma Mirror Mass Reduction – Ringermacher and Cramer were close, but I’ll be damned if I’m paying NASA BPP to see how far they got.

Mercury Plasma vs. Inert Gas Plasma – Hypertoxicity vs. Hyperhealing

External Merkaba = 1 singularity, Your Own Wormhole Type – spatialtemporal
Montauk Apparatus = 1.5 singularity, Universal Type
GE/C204 = 2 singularity, Gravity Displacement Type - temporalspatial

Montauk Apparatus Updated=meme collapser/materializer:

1 - Brane Separation & Compression via Biefeld-Brown effect using m.a.r.c. banks of ultracapacitors = badass degausser.
2 – Sony’s Sonic Array Zero Time Mixing BMI (better than S.Q.U.I.D.) = DUNE type navigation or/and computer extrapolation of hyperspace mapping
3 - Opposing Fibonacci Array interferometers w/ counter-rotating phi pulses
of 3rd harmonic on all channels (within vacuum hysterisis loop) would easily reveal Higgs Field

QUARTZ – the all important transdimensional insulator! 3rd kind encounters report Shimmering robes/bodysuits, also coats gold wiring found in Russian crash site, If only the Eldridge crewmen knew. Has Hutchison ever tried to jellify Quartz, betcha he can’t.

Knot Theory & non-local secondary node formation = BJA or dripping metal off of descending/phaseshifting craft = monoatomic beads at landing sites – just like how you make muzzleloader bullets. If developed would render nanotech obsolete.

Meme Block 2 – metaphysics, duality deprogramming:

“ ...A time is coming when I will tell you plainly about my father “

“ The universe is shaped like an onion ”

Yeshua ben Joseph The Alpha Christ

Just as John could not say "bring electricity down from zeropoint" In reference to Rev 13:13, Ezekiel could not use literal terms because they simply didn't exist. Here are the scientific terms for the relevant biblical lexicon starting with Ezekiels Vision:

cherub - biological body
man - magnetic body
lion - auric body
eagle - internal merkaba

wheel within wheel - external merkaba
wing - mass plate, plasma mirror, monopole plane
eyes - primary, secondary, terciary monopole node(s)
fire/bja – Spontaneously collapsed Synthesized matter formed in secondary nodes

Tiny Mustard Seed Into Enormous Bush = Hyperspace Mapping (initial conditions) bifurcating into linear time / mass, where our dimension is the riddled basin / bush

Hell/Consuming mouth of the Blue Sheol = Static Blackhole

Judgement Day / Hour of silence = Terence Mckenna’s Time Wave Zero, Mayan End Time; End of Novelty = Ultimate self-similarity = totally collapsed magnetic field. Superpositioning of Solar System Super Electron with Galactic plane EM null zone.

Sky Rolling up = galactic plane rising into view over horizon.

Stars falling = gravitational lensing creating magnification of heavenly bodies.

Caught up in net/separation of germ & chaff/weights and measures = collective/dharmic soul matrix spectroscopy and refining.


Science is the backengineering of GOD/GUT - GOD/GUT is the science of engineering.

Monotheism vs. polytheism = White light vs. Spectrum

Angels or particle zoo? They both have a hierarchal function with varying purposes

Animism or what isn't alive?

what is life, what is energy?

can you destroy either?

consciousness, is it language or emotion?

where is gods mind?

Fall from grace or vacuum fluctuation?

telepathy or original language?

genesis or seven successive forces/transdimensional reductionism

Adam & Eve or vector space and scalar space?

little scroll or psilocybin mushroom?

the living word or living CPT violation?

lake of fire or plasma mirror?

Manna or ormus?

man made in the image of god or base 12 free space broken down into base 12 DNA?

Religion is blamed for causing war
Science is blamed for making war more efficient

every physics camp is a sect
every reformation is a new theory

the southern big bangers
the holy newtonian church

einsteinians 10:7 - action at a distance is spooky
michelsonmorley 31:5 - no shift, no aether

Well, you get my point. But in case you didn’t here’s a visual:

The Seraphim = angels that stand on either side of God and are concealed by 6 wings

Calabi Yau Spaces = manifolds that mirror pair a Hodge Star and are enfolded by 6 real dimensions


Most myths, speculation, and conspiracy theories that surround the UFO issue have been established and most people are content with them. The governments of the world know the secrecy must be maintained because the aliens from outerspace would create such a distraction, should they become blatantly exposed, that nobody would care about politicians anymore. Let’s assume the alien technology would render their industromilitant counterparts useless too.

This is what it boils down to, universal truths vs. human power bases threatened by those truths - and we have to wait 50-100 years for declassification of the truth? What's the situation going to be like until then? The tension between the UFO community and the governments builds to such an extent that a million Ufologist march on Area 51 occurs and every one of them has to be shot in the head. That kind of martyrdom will never occur so we sit and wait for a mass landing or some other smoking gun.

I was describing the design and theorems of my invention here to a friend and she said that such a device in use was synonymous with "raping God". I tried to explain that any invention that mimics or conforms to nature or natural processes is inherently less blasphemous than say, nuclear fission or internal combustion. (yes, I know they’re natural – Radioactive decay and cow farts are great just NIMBY!)

My friends comment more or less sums up what the ignorant would have you believe. From Christians who link aliens (who they also say don't actually exist) with satan, to the UFO community itself, this technology is plagued with stigma and misinformation. How many times have you heard this from a Ufologist, "Yeah whatever that alien / silver disc-glowing ball / silent hovering technology is, its hundreds / thousands / millions of years ahead of OUR technology / comprehension / ability..." as if linear time had anything to do with it!

This is a subtle pessimism rooted in our assumption that "ADVANCED" must mean "COMPLICATED". I'm not saying there aren't matter/antimatter reactors, gravity amplifiers, photon accelerators, and various other subsystems, I'm saying that the performance characteristics of certain types of craft (masslessness, invisibility, instant acceleration & deceleration, short range and interstellar quantum teleportation/macroscopic tunneling) imply that they are of a simple design.

Lets face it, if a flying saucer had as many parts as a car we'd need a repair shop in every solar system. The same friend who said I would be raping god also said that it would take tremendous power to do what I was saying. I tried to explain that zero point energy is the most abundant source of power (see Feynman’s coffee analogy) and that all is required is a seamless link to it. This link is the Dark Energy fed Penrose Process; the thing that makes Tipler’s Cylinder and other preposterous theoretical methods (because of false assumptions about energy density) feasible.

I figured this out at 23 having no knowledge of the above…The most advanced form of propulsion is also the simplest…it was last night, 7 years later - Easter Eve – that I was compelled to Google the last pieces of the puzzle. It’s only now that I could convey the overall mechanics (pieces) the only way I can, sans equations…

Why haven’t I built such a simple machine? No more than 10k parts & labor…I just happen to be poor and haven’t looked into quartz fiber, “Uh yeah Corning…”

There is one more important subject to address - spiritual vs. political/military implications of this technology. As Sci-Fi and various members of the disclosure scene point out, the human military establishment wants to weaponize space and master flash travel for obvious reasons. Non-local capabilities and orbital DEWs represent the ultimate upper hand in virtually any stage be it domestic, foreign, or ET terrorists…As “staff reporter” points out, the tricky part of controlling a massless object is controlling it. The military may have its own production antigravity technology piloted by humans but it does not involve teleportation or even mass reduction. For a human to be quantum phaseshifted is no less than meeting your creator. To be asked to then teleport and kill is utterly ridiculous. This isn’t to say an “evil” non-human can’t teleport its just that humans, by design, are subject to moral relativism which cannot be corrupted after quantum revelation has occurred. Point is the most advanced technology can’t be used for military purposes because to navigate it you must ask Jesus for directions so to speak.

The external merkaba singularity technology of the author uses the heart chakra as the secondary “steering singularity”…for those who don’t depend on computers beyond the akasha itself.
OK that may have answered some questions or made me more of a crackpot, I don't know. The original study is much more in depth and verifies some of my wackyness as I provide involuntary peer review from George Chapline and James Woodward.

The mass engine has been simplified even more and could be made from off the shelf parts

I have absolutely no idea what in the name of "sanity" you are trying to say, but I am not good at physics either so I give you some credit. What's all this?
the idea that matter is less dense than space, is fundamental to your proposals...

yet if the reverse is true.. all your proposals based on that fundamental will be off.

i am able to contemplate your fundamentals, but you too quickly pick sides and draw conclusions which follow from doing so.

let me propose that matter is made up of dimensional transistioning fields of force... most notable as electrostatic force and its nuetral version... gravity.
this fundamental particle force, being literally tensioned space.....
and as such... could be seen as stretched space and so... less dense.
however, as would be nessasary, the formation of mass must arise from the collection and probubal rolling up of this field energy into mass...

mass then.. as such, contains a much larger volume of space relative to its size, and that the space it holds is tensioned and so less dense than normal space...
and this difference may serve as the potential difference to drive any number of sub atomic qualities in matter generally.

i am able to follow along mostly... yet, i find myself turning to the left where you have turned to the right in your theoretical proposals...

what you have put forth seems well enough, but i would encourage you to examine both sides of the coin... at each step of the way in setting the foundations for your logic...

if one dimensionall electrostatic fields of force.... are the fundamentall particle.. and made out of space.. then it all can fit.


What I'm trying to get across cannot be confined to subjective notions of sanity or any other mental state. Of course genius and insanity are very related and the words and their coherence are as well but if I had to sum it up...GOD=GUT.

If you really want to explore my trip go to

The nature of my intellectual property is invariably beyond my budget so I'm always relegated to pseudoscientific speculation and metaphysical rants. If the day comes that I can afford the prototype for a free energy device, quantum phase-shifting device, or Organic Neuromimetic Hybrid Processor with Non-Invasive Brain-Machine Interface, then all this may be validated. Until then I'm just another crackpot, and I'm fine with that. Thank you for your interest.
Dude I could lend you my time machine just have it back before you leave.
And keep an eye on it….two many travellers give me a bad reputation around town.

-just joking!

Your expression’s on science are spellbinding and a little frightening too! Sorry I do get the fear sometimes. Very good stuff! You should be funded to proceed on a path of most interesting adventures.

Readers if yea can’t follow his statements then it really does not matter. For the rest of us it's a truly revealing look at many of the question we may been wondering about but did not spend the energy to discover on our own time.

This is a expression of love and enlightenment, thank your for the gift your thoughts.

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I'm not sure about all of the other "so called" physists/scientists out there who happen to live in the bubble of conventional science, but it does take someome outside of the sphere of "modern Science" every once in a while to ask questions. Sure, it takes several hundreds, if not, thousands of questions to gain an extra advantage over your fellow scientist, however one needs an open mind, take Newton for example who was also into alchemy and astrology. He had an open mind and was willing to take in every peice of information at his disposal.

It seems to me that modern science has gotten to the point that they will dismiss out of hand anything that comes along that challenges beliefs or goes outside of the box. I use the word 'beliefs' because that is what we are talking about. IE theories. Relativity is still a theory albiut most of the premises of the theory have been proven using current knowledge. However this does not mean that they are fully correct. If we go by the Newton theory of gravity that worked for 200 years before Einstien came along.

Without reading all of the boring bits in the other replies I have understood the underlying theory put forward at the top of the page to represent this....

Einstien's theory pertaining to E=mc2 is wrong and quantum entanglement is just starting to show us the way. If E=mc2 is true then an object that has zero velocity must also have zero mass otherwise it would be possible for an object with mass to exceed the speed of light. We live in a universe that is constantly moving therefore how can we tell what absolute zero velocity is????? Velocity is only a measure of a relative speed between one object and another. The speed of light may appear to be constant to us from our observations and measurements, but do we know for sure that it is correct???

One does not need to enter into complex formulae and equations to explain their position. One only uses such measures in an attempt to confuse and misinform.