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For a few years now, I've always thought of the possibility of living in the future. I'm a star gazer, and when I look at the stars they give me just enough hope to one day think that as human beings we will one day be beside our petty (and they are) differences and experience the god like powers we are capable of producing. As the most advanced and intelligent beings on the face of this planet we sure are stupid, think about what or whoever gave us the abilities we have as humans didn't give us any manuals or instuction to handle this awesome ability. The ability I speak of is Knowledge, and the pure thirst all of us have deep inside us. For those of you who are religous, you probably would argue "we have more than enough instruction, why look at the bible?" By I would counter with something to the effect of, what does the bible say about ion propulsion? what does the bible say about virtual "genetic" imortality? In a way it says these things are wrong, and as silly as it may sound, I love the human race, I'm proud to be one, I wouldn't want to be a bird, I wouldn't want to be a bear, because thier worlds are limited to thier enviornment. We, on the other hand have the "God-like" ability or soon will have the ability to talior our enviornment to anything we can imagine. I just think it would be a grand idea to come back, even if it's for one day, just to see how we humans have faired.
Chances are good you wouldn't understand them. Either their way of looking at life or what was fun to them or what they thought about.
Good point wet1. After a mere 30 years it becomes hard to relate. I give parents and there children as an example. My parents are in there 40's and they have a hard time understanding my world. What would it be like after 100 years? Or 200 years? It would be a mind numbing culture shock at best. It'd still be cool regardless though.
Right papa_smirf, the thought would be cool. I agree, it would be very difficult to intergrate ourselves to a future culture. I'm pretty sure we would be considered primative, even the smartest of us today. I just have one fear, Say we do someday develop the technology (which I think we will) to come back, who's to say you would be you, your brain could be implanted in a robotic window washer, or a robotic pet, etc. I know that sounds obsurd, but why would someone want to bring you back as you, you can almost bet that there would be some form of alteration from your previous self. Does anyone agree? :confused:
Could it be that the gods and goddess' of myth really did exist but had to leave this planet in a hurry to avoid what happened to the dino's? So quickly that they had to leave their pets behind, pets that still yearn for their return; that create stories about them still?
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did I hear the clank of the gauntlet dropping?

Yes there are the speculations by the crackpots that such may be the case. They are mostly grouped with the puesdoscience folks as mainstream doesn't want to here it. There isn't enough evidence to back up such in their opinion.