Lower tier students are not told they need grade Cs or above to pass exams

If one day I find out that this manipulation is in fact a conspiracy, I wouldn't be at all surprised.

when i can be bothered i will dig up the large amount of publicly available media on the change of the grading system that was openly introduced

i distinctly recall commenting at the time it would create another form of massive classicism in the UK, however because classicism is seen as a very fashionable hobby by many brits it would be bees to honey while it paid tribute to a failed tory education policy by hiding the failures of their system
which labour seemed to suck up to and kiss its ass
it served the labour turn coats quite well as they played bed warmer to bug business cutting jobs and sending British manufacturing off to 3rd world countrys and allowing in foreign people to take low income British jobs to undermine the wage rates.

it is only a conspiracy if it is attempted to be a hidden agenda
there was no hiding of agenda
just a failure of the majority to do the math and know who and what they are voting for.
meanwhile sucking up to overt consumerism dressed up in a party dress throwing out handful's of shiny plastic pollution toys

and there you are getting ready to vote for the same people who made it happen(tory voter)

so you must really enjoy it

consequently, you can also blame the same policy for driving and promoting (extremism & driving a social civil inequality to manipulate for profit)nazi-ism in the UK

if UK trade unions were strong and the minimum wage was fair, there would be only high value foreign work visa people living in the UK and not a large under current of anti-western people seeking anarchy
there would be more money and better services for Refugees and better outcomes for social services over all.
but that is the opposite direction of user pays extreme capitalism and the envy of the yankee silks
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hA HA Ha ha

I am in contact with a Female Demon named Zolvashnu. She revealed to me a very plausible theory why the Foundation Tier are not told they need five GCSEs at C grade (4s to 5s by today's standards) or above to be considered for most employment. Every teacher would know about Offstead ratings and the theory she offered is that, Foundation Tier Cs give less points to the overall score than Higher Tier Cs. She also mentioned that the reason teachers don't tell students to revise for their exams until near the end of the year is because the teachers can't guarantee that the revision book the student would buy would cover the same syllabus.

When I think about how the education system ruined my future prospects because I broke the mold by simultaneously being in Foundation Tier and wanting an office admin job, all the manipulation and social engineering involved , I can only think of one word, EVIL

Edit:- I have now got a lower tier 4 in Maths and English, it took me three calendar years because I had to retake my Maths test. I was unaware I am allowed to revise when ever I like throughout the year.
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