Major Contemporary Commentary on the Analects?


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Hi all.

I'm interested in reading The Analects, but would like to read a piece of secondary literature on it while I do so, so that I can keep my bearings.

So could anyone recommend a major piece of scholarship/commentary on The Analects. Some general criteria (no single one of these is required but I'll be suspicious if the suggestion doesn't conform to at least a few of them):

1) Published recently (say, within the last 40 years)
2) Published by a reputable publisher (e.g. a major university press)
3) Written by a reputable scholar in the field.
4) Wide in scope. That is, I'd prefer a general commentary on the Analects over something specialized like "The use of tree symbolism in the Analects".

In general, I'm just thinking something similar to what one can readily find with respect to the works of major western philosophers.

I really appreciate any suggestions or other insights you could provide.
Do some serious Googling. Ye shall find the truth.

The basic Confucian values including propriety (禮/礼), righteousness, loyalty, and filial piety, all centered about the central thought of Confucius – humanity.

Compare that to Ayn Rand's thoughts, Star Trek themes and Transhumanism. There will be tests. :)