Mars is Ours!

very optimistic, now can we all calculate the death toll after ww3 and the amount of FADING rescources it will take to get to mars, let alone the interplanetary wars that are bound to pop up. Look at how well imperialism has faired so far how do you think it will go in amplified conditions compared to that of earth?! That and the earth is being raveged by man to the point of complete destruction within this century. The first step is the space station then the moon, then minning/collony ventures to the astroid belt and then finally a mars farming colony, which is possibly the worst political mistake any one will ever make. Mars will rise up eventually it's only a matter of time.

There is a simple solution to starvation, war! overpopullation, not on my watch! Man will not reach 10 bill.

Oh and I hereby declare my intent to make earth a nature preserve (what little of her is left that is) closed to human inhabbitance! So Get off My Planet!
Sounds like a good idea mato.

Some of you have said that we'll run out of food in the future. Needless to say you have to know that there is still AT LEAST 3/4 of the world left that hasn't been touched by human populations. It is the ocean. Simply establishing granaries and farms on artificial or real islands in the South Pacific could feed Earth forever. Genetecists could make pigs the size of homes and corn as tall as skyscrapers. Imagine the implications. You have nothing to worry about. The future will guide you...

I think slamming mars around with algae should be done immediately, right now, send off the rocket in a few months or something. Terraformation is the future of planet colonization. It's always been a dream of mine to go to Europa and see a Jovian planetset.

You really have to think about the acceleration of our technology in the last century. In the previous millenia nothing really changed, but now new devices are invented every year and are availible to the average person in under a decade.
Those who say that we are running out of this or that forget that the sum total of matter on earth is fairly constant. As soon as we learn to make matter replicators using nanotechnology, we could be in good shape. So, I say let us start the design process now.

We can already teleport light.
We're some way off from the ability to transport matter.
Scanning patterns as complex as those necessary to create a data file for replication aren't even conceivable.
And what about Heisenbergs' uncertainty principal which is to do with quantum level structure?

It will happen just not in our life time.
This is no reason not to try :D

mato ,
Spot on sir.
Save the earth while we can.
Let's look into aquisition of Martian resources :D
I see tht you all have discussed the scientifical side, but what about social/political.

Let's say -> US builds a ship and goes to Mars. Can it proclaim all Mars its teritory. Americans would say - YES, but what if by some miracle Russians or Japanese do it?? How will we govern Mars -> Take orders from Earth?(if there is a large colony there) And as seen on Earth all colonies longer or sooner proclaim their independence. I think tht we should make a senate 1/3 of Earthlings, 2/3 of Marsians. Maybe it would be one step forward to Senate of Solarian Federation:cool:

About scientifical side -> we need moon colony first, or at least a launchpad, because its a lot cheaper thn on Earht to send a ship to space. And about food providing Mars to Earth. Won't it be very expensive to do tht?!:rolleyes:

Mars is morally ours.....and I love the idea of colonization, but I think we need to focus on earth.

Colonizing mars will not solve over-population, it will not be a very effective way of finding new products (spinoffs), it will not be an effective way of stimulating interest in science (much more effective to fund science education).

When we go to mars, we must do it to explore and to branch out. We must do this because we value exploration and a foothold on the stars, not because we think there will be immediate practical benefits.

Let us focus on earth, not neglect mars, but let us put our home in order before making a new one.

And then...

Originally posted by BLASTOFF:
Yes we can make mars ours,but how long will it take before we f**k it up aswell,we keep f**k earth up with all sorts,so yeh lets move on to another planet and do the same.

Yes... we have to pay attention on that.

Xev has a point too... we should concentrate on Earth...
But we can do both!

We could begin terraforming Mars now, move there in some years and let scientists here reforming Earth. We give our beautiful Mother a rest and a good shower, and find a friend outside...

Let's get out of our Mother's womb and help her recovering from her pregnancy! :)

Time for the bird to fly away from the nest... ;)