Matter-Antimatter , BB begining

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Any way from my post #8 ;

But here is my most important question ;

Why would matter and antimatter annihilate the other ? Just because of polar magnetic field orientation . One is positive the other negative . Where is the inherent obviousness of " annihilation " because of attraction ? This makes no sense .
Sarkus is right. If you're going to start this kind of thread, there should be a topic of discussion. Post the link to the youtube video or - better - embed it in your post. Then write about what you want to discuss, or ask your questions, or whatever. Don't just say "Hey, check this out and tell me what you think!"

Also, very few people are going to watch a 1.5 hour video when they don't even know what you want to talk about. With a video that long, you
should give time codes to the bits you really want to talk about.

Lastly, river, you are banned from posting to our Science sections. You cannot get around that ban by posting science threads in non-science sections. You were given many chances to change the way you posted about science before being banned from posting to those sections of our forum, but you never changed. The only solution to stop your nonsense was to prevent you from posting in those sections.

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