Me and an old WW1 Photo of Train Station

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    I’m sure most know something about their past relatives being in the First World War.
    I was told about my great grandfather being taken prisoner by the Germans in 1915.
    The story which came down the family was that he was captured whilst unloading a German supply train at a recently captured rail station. The Germans countered and re-took the station and my great granddad was taken prisoner.
    Well, thanks to the Swiss Red Cross I was able to see my great grandfather’s (I knew regiment and number) name on an old Swiss inspection list of POW camps. Listed was the place of capture Zonnebeke Belgium.
    Knowing from the handed down family story, I looked for old photos of a ‘Zonnebeke station’ in Belgium. And last week found the photo below. I felt a little funny looking at this picture knowing someone I knew was at this place in 1915 and confirming what was until now just an old hand-me down story.
    Possession of the station I have learnt passed to and fro a number of times. Here under German control.

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    Change of subject: I may one day if not sooner, tell of my uncanny coincidence with a WW2 Radio I 'inherited' from an old uncle, you won’t believe me.
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