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I have an idea for health supplementation to help with aging and its copious negative side effects.
this idea of mine is unique in that it does not attempt to fix the many symptoms of aging directly, but some of the underlying causes instead.

the idea is to take NMN with TA-65.
you don't have to take my amateur word for how these medicines work, or even that they work at all, you can do as much research as you like on them.
but the gist of it is that NMN activates the DNA repair system, and TA-65 builds buffer DNA onto the ends of chromosomes to keep the DNA in this repaired state.
the idea is that: sustainably healthy genes=sustainably healthy cells=sustainably healthy body.

obviously these medicines should be taken at SEPARATE regular intervals, so that they don't combine in your stomach to form an entirely different substance.
more NMN should be taken than TA-65 because TA-65, although it does not cause cancer, can exacerbate it severely by immortalising mortal cancer cells.
whereas NMN combats cancer by patching up genes, and has been recommended to NASA to treat the astronauts on their mission to mars who will inevitably develop cancer due to being exposed to enormous amounts of radiation.

both medicines are available online.

I would take them myself, but I am fortunate enough to not be old just yet, so there is no need for me to.
also these medicines are rather expensive, and I am rather broke.

I hope this helps you in your fight against aging, tis a nasty thing.
the last time I made this thread it was disabled and moved to a different forum.
so I made another.

yes taking new medicines is dangerous.
but aging is more dangerous, in fact it is a death sentence.
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