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Worthing is the name of a seaside town in England, on the South coast, in Sussex.

This word has no other meaning in English.
What is the value of a sock puppet? I bet it’s infinitely great.
What is the value of a sock puppet?

a fresh bite of a rotting corpse in the process of starvation
the starving person can momentarily convince themself they are eating & so not dying.
even though they know the food will surely kill them a lot faster than starving to death
and if they spent some effort looking for food instead and not being an a-hole
etc etc etc
but some people want to live like that
[this is not a personal statement about any members or if any profiles are or are not sock puppets in my opinion(this is a free opinion like a free lunch expect a bill later when you cant afford it)]
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1's are not 2's.
All are opposed.
2 2's are off.
All are opposed.
2's are on.

(X's are excluded).