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self participation is important
Just because sex is off the cards this V Day doesn't mean you have to go without an orgasm. We asked sexpert Alix Fox for her top self-love tips to see you through Valentine's Day and beyond

There is no shame in self-pleasure. In fact, more and more women are recognising masturbation as a form of sexual self-care (read: wellness). Because the fact is, when you reach climax, your body really does release chemicals which encourage mental wellbeing – something we need more than ever right now. So with Valentine’s Day fast approaching and many of us set to spend it alone, we thought it important to bring you some expert masturbation techniques to help you take charge of your own pleasure.
How do i write "more than one"?

"multiple" (means 3 or more)

often people use the word "couple" to mean more than 1 or 2 even though the mathematical meaning is precisely 2
"a couple of people are waiting in line"
that may be 3 or 5
it would be highly unlikely to be precisely 2 as its literal meaning

all = more than 1
but not a specific number

as a thing happening like an event(party gathering meeting of people)
more than once is a mathematical difference to not be singular

the singular element in an instance is often used as a measure of its singular importance

unlike a measure of more than once
which is usually used as a measure of its importance to be more than once

different English speaking cultures have different values on the same words to mean different numbers of people.
these differences can be localized like urban slang even when another slang is dominant outside the over all national language use of specific terms.

the real English language is very complicated but many are wrong in believing it is very simple language.
it is not
it is a number of times more difficult than many believe
a factor of 3 or 4 times more difficult than most believe
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