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The composite god Amun-Min was known as Kamutef (“Bull of his mother”).

In later periods, Min was linked to Reshep, the Semitic god of war and thunder. Both gods were thought to be married to Qadesh the Semitic love goddess, although Min was often considered to be the child of Reshep and Qadesh.

https://ancientegyptonline.co.uk/min/#:~:text=The composite god Amun-Min,child of Reshep and Qadesh.

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Atlas was given the task of holding up the heavens (my bold) as punishment from Zeus for leading the Titans in their battle with the Olympian Gods for control of the heavens.

https://www.worldhistory.org/Atlas/#:~:text=Atlas' Punishment from Zeus,for control of the heavens.

Not given task of holding up Earth
Atlas (mythology) - Wikipedia

the verbal history of ancient Egypt is probably the civilization that occupied the city long after the originals died out from something

you cant build pyramids and those citys with stone tools & a few strong lads
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It works best with the provided Shorten Link option, which obscures the giveaway "lmgtfy" in the url: https://bfy.tw/SqEy

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And yet, if we back all the way up to the pretend question, it remains unclear how the pretense of confusion even works. That is, if it was an anime character, I might suggest the difference is whether you're in Japan or North America. It took years before I figured out that Mikado was the exception because nobody could write a line in either language in which calling him Ryuugamine is any less clunky than Harrison Ford getting the coordinates from the navicomputer. I always feel like when Walker says Mikado's name sounds like it comes from a manga, the actual Japanese line is supposed to be, "Your ancestors should have been extinguished." Like the stinkng smell of gin on Jimmy-Joe's breath, the night I became a woman in the back of that Buick. Sorry. Never mind.

Anyway, every now and then it occurs to wonder whence comes this or that particular confusion.

Trust me, I built my kid's name to be a pain in someone's ass, but those are different rules than Egyptian antiquity; the one thing nobody would ever ask is which order the hyphenated part goes.
look the only thing i know about acient egyptian i learned from stargate sg-1 which is its not that difficult once you figure out the vowels