Missing Mass, cosmic expansion and a box of chocolates!?

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Let us assume for a moment that light data that is over a billion years old is relevant to today's universe and that data can be somehow meaningfully analysed and worked with to derive the issues of Missing mass and cosmic expansion.
Let us assume for a moment that the calculations performed are pretty sound and that the way the outcomes of those calculations are presented is fairly accurate.
We have two phenomena to consider:
1] Missing mass universally today of up to 84% and missing energy of up to 23%
2] Cosmic metric expansion is occurring today.

Now if we presume that we are pretty correct in our original assessment and do not resort to utilizing abstractions such as Dark Energy and Dark Mass to fill the gaps and look again at the universe with both phenomena in mind and ask:

  • Where is the missing mass and missing energy that may lead to cosmic metric expansion?
  • Are the two phenomena related?
  • Is metric expansion the outcome of the universe missing the mass and energy we look for in our calculations?
  • Is it possible that an object of mass such as a star or planet could appear to have the same dimension and mass and yet not be so but merely give the illusion of being so?
  • Is it possible that the planet or star may actually be "less massive" or "less heavy" than it should be?

You may after thinking about it a while feel inclined to link the above two phenomena with another called Dark flow which may actually be providing evidence of the universe loosing mass to where ever those galaxies are moving towards and most likely disappearing into...

Is it worth considering that the contents of our box of chocolates may yet be waiting discovery?