Mods Gone Wild

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This is very strange. My response to this thread directed at me has been deleted.

Apparently we are not allowed to decide which race has higher murder rates and whether they can be avoided.

I will PM the response to MZ


I deleted a post by you that started talking about your pet topic: Israel. It was off topic, so I deleted it.

If you wish to post on the topic you may do so.

Actually I was referring to American troops but neither was mentioned. It was also a direct response to MZ's [an American troop] pet theory on race avoidance as a measure of self defence.

Please quit misinterpreting my posts.

Ok SAM. I'll repost the relevant parts of your post and cut out the off-topic parts:

There you go.

Its okay, I messaged MZ the original post

Ironic that this is a thread on ethics where the admin selectively manipulates the post to only show the responses he agrees with.

edit: its also ironic that you thought of Israel when I did not. :p


I took another look at your post. Actually, I think you were probably thinking about Pakistan. Either way, it's your usual anti-Israel or anti-American crusade.

I think you should quit interpreting my posts, it seems you lack the facility to arrive at the right conclusions. And this is a thread on the justification for racism after all.

funny shit, ja?

james goes on to deliver the punchline...


I don't think you understood the point SAM was making.

....with a straight face

I always thought the high point was where I became an anti-American bigot for having only a liberal point of view and quoting leftist Americans who thought a black President should have more empathy for the "coloured" victims of unmanned drones.

Nevertheless, James is amusing enough in his diligence to be balanced that one can look at his antics without rancor. :D
lets eyeball string next...

never mind the fact that no baiting occurred. it appears it is enough just to make an assertion of what i hold to be an entirely valid observation imo

i mean.....i love sunny days........

here are more quality responses from a thread that was pretty much doa


poor little string
so needy
so desperate to be relevant


thin skin much, string?
On the strength of the tenor, probable intent, coherence and general good sense of Gustav's posts in this thread I have taken him off ignore.

(I have been monitoring a selection of his posts for the past six months and have reached the conclusion that the alien entity that had taken possession of his body prior to him becoming a regular at sciforums has not survived its last metamorphosis. If correct we should expect increasingly lucid communications in the future as the real Gustav's personality reconstitutes itself.

Gustav, please not these observations do not represent a licence to be an asshole.)
tho i lack documentation, the noob dh, banned a founding member, an ex mod, the one and only, the prettiest girl in sci.....the beauteous bebelina

apparently at some point she cussed him out
to that i say....bravo!


how i wish i were that monkey

i'm still trying to figure out the requisite qualifications for accurately surmising another's intent.
It's a low standard around here

Parmalee said:

i'm still trying to figure out the requisite qualifications for accurately surmising another's intent.

Being a moderator or administrator.
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