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Why may you die ?


What a weird question... I just recently tried to step outside the door. I put MY HAND ON THEDOOR TRYING TO GO OUSIDE I THOGHT I WAS GOING TO EXPLODE. and then I realized the threat to the outside world and all of what I have been thinking about what my books say that are true.

Then I said, "holy shit, just touching the door handle and trying to go outside, (I am a lttle agorophobic) has immense effects to that degree.

So I wondered what everyone here thought about this event which probably shall contine
Sadly it's what this thread appears to be All I'm saying is that this is a real proposition, posed civilly of course. I'm no dumbdledwad or whate

Its just a feeling Tnerb, feelings often do not coincide with reality. You will most probably not die any time soon.
Its just a feeling Tnerb, feelings often do not coincide with reality. You will most probably not die any time soon.

Bah! As if thats good to know? I think it's probably because of my obsession with all these books I read. I try to be real civil and stuff quite often and aware of my reality. I put my hand on the door and I realized that then. I said, "wow, this is awesome".

I don't know how to exlain it maybe it was rea important but I think what it has to do with is some kind of realization of the truth of reality, but I cannot undertsad or place a finger on it.
Tnerb I am going to quit reading your long as posts. Dam girl dont you have a life? I almost feel sorry for you.
Proclaimed hero found to be illegally abusing

Aganist someones will, the so called hero of our times has been using information aganist someones will to process and validate his own present inabilities.

Proclaiming that women have the secret to eternal life, that such a means of obliverating a persons psyche and mental well being is legal! See here:

As such a process is
such a person should be made to suffer.... Or proclaim his or her evil doings... Don't you think?

Have an excellent day.

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How many times do I have to say, (really now...) "you can kill somebody by raping them to death..."

For afterall, is not our political reign of today, emphysising the new cyber world and public private inner outer city modernized selfs. This is what our hero is all about is he not. And yet rape and fradualent misabuse aganist ones will is justified to fit along in that category? And we are seeking - not seaping or leaking- information are we not?

What is one supposed to do- with in or without - regarding walking out side and dying due to the current area of our appoach, or is this even acceptable as regards our current position in our area?

Is our world not about philosophy or is it about understanding so that we can in the end move on?
Do we say to ourselves, "cyber world has achieved a modern standpoint of importance as the mans technology which actually seek out and betray him are in use by the women...?"

I, at least, proclaim to myself, that our cyber world should have no diffuse pluralty of changing identities which shuts down the feminist movement in a switf removal of "liberal theory."
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