More Rapture Dogma?


Jesus also said He has gone to prepare a place for us where there will be no more crying, or pain, or sorrow, or death.

when you sleep; all that 'pain' is gone (not consciously aware)

as for a soul, with all our memories going to lala land? Then i ask, what happens to all the alzheimers patients; they often are meeting their own children, at each encounter.

memories are affixed to the body (glial; fixed structures.. see polaritonics for a comprehensible scope)

a soul, is the life of you (when you die, the lights are out; your body (mind) no longer has that choice; just like sleeping)

your ever lasting is the splash you leave on existence.

the bricks you layered during your life

have children? You give a portion of your body (single cell sperm/egg) that combines with another. The 2 (lights) combine to make a new shade. (Physical reality)

that is just like every life in all evolution (it is what the analogy of adams rib, to make eve is)

a cell must give a portion of itself to continue living

Now, if you are the 'life' of your parents, alive and in the flesh, and you procreated; then your children are YOU continuing in life.

Then to really comprehend that you represent your parents, and their parents, since the beginning of time (tree of life; darwin; see it in his book)

then each action you impose to existence is representing them and their life; (honor thy mother and thy father)

raise your fathers! When you look in the mirror, scream; WE MADE IT! As you representing your whole lineage and knowing it, has just 'raised the fathers to the flesh"

now i ask, are you going to be responsible?

I believe that sooner or later everyone is going to that place.

you are in THAT PLACE

and now since you KNOW what life is, and what YOU are and what YOU represent, YOU have the promise 'upon your head'

Rev 22: 4

and they shall see His face, and His name [is] upon their foreheads,

5 and night shall not be there, and they have no need of a lamp and light of a sun, because the Lord God doth give them light, and they shall reign -- to the ages of the ages.

are we catchin on, just yet?

did you think; 'rapture' was magic?

can anyone create dogma?