most dense object?

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neutron stars are quite dense too

here's a nice input on neutron stars

Neutron stars are the collapsed cores of some massive stars. They pack roughly the mass of our Sun into a region the size of a city.

At these incredibly high densities, you could cram all of humanity into a volume the size of a sugar cube. Naturally, the people thus crammed wouldn't survive in their current form, and neither does the matter that forms the neutron star. This matter, which starts out in the original star as a normal, well-adjusted combination of electrons, protons, and neutrons, finds its peace (aka a lower energy state) as almost all neutrons in the neutron star. These stars also have the strongest magnetic fields in the known universe. The strongest inferred neutron star fields are nearly a hundred trillion times stronger than Earth's fields, and even the feeblest neutron star magnetic fields are a hundred million times Earth's, which is a hundred times stronger that any steady field we can generate in a laboratory.
If you are looking for the most dense earthly object...the answer is George Bush. Or wait, maybe it is Al Gore. Oh well nevermind.
what's the most dense object

You might consider the nucleus of an atom. Although the nucleus occupies 1 trillionth the volume of an atom, it contains 99.9% of the atom's mass.
Technically you can make any material denser with enough energy up until their outermost electron orbits intersect. After that point the material loses all its electrons and becomes degenerate matter, like that of a neutron star.
most dense material

The most dense material is the tissue of the human brain (if you look at the density as number of (under)objects in an object...)
Re:how do you figure?

1 DvD van 1.5 hour = 6 GB memory space (on HD) which means that to register something for 1 hour costs 4 GB of brain-memory space. Using two eyes I must double this 8 GB an hour:

Info which I get into my brain and hold is then (8 GB an hour) 70.000 GB per year. 35 years = 2.500.000 GB in the space of my brain. It is an unimaginable density of REGISTERED info in the brain-memory space.....(that's what I meant)
Well by element of the periodic table, it is either osium or iridium, it is hard to tell which one is more dense because of the different isoptes in iridum, but i belive that irdium takes the title with density of 22.65 grams a cubic centimeter and osium 22.61 grams a cubic cm.
Most Dense Material
IRIDIUM 22.65 grams a cubis centimeter

There are probally some ways to condense matter as much of atoms and rocks ect have lots of emoty space and cavities ect, how ever these spaces are not actually empty they contain other enegry, so to change space cahnges energy and changes the substance.
a neutron star, would be a mass or protons converted into neutrons, due to a change in energy,and space.
Hydrogen electron orbital have 5 n quntum, colavent radius of 0.37 Angstroms(Diatomic)
Iridium or osium of the elemetal chart is also the end point of atomic stablity, kind of like hydrogen is the begining, it at least that way on earth. so elements like gold and platiunium mercury and lead ect all the way up to uranium are elements in transmutaion atomically. they my have been stable in earth a long time ago, when earths orbit around the sun was different by some 500,000 miles,million ect....

Why do you want to know the denses material

Well That is Very intresting, Memory of the brain, to use mor than 1 to 10 % of the brain, denser mind, sounds great. i will have to take a note on the gigabyte formula,
just curious. I'm reading this chinese novel and the main character in it handles a 110-130 pound iron sword. strange is that it's only 3 feet long.
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Procop is a rambling idiot who hasn't yet come to complete grips with the idea that digital information is not particularly different from any other type. He's at an early stage on the crackpot scale, where he attempts to explain everything in the universe with one poorly understood basis: the DVD.

- Warren
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I am sure that whatsupyall should be considered in the list of most dense objects...
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