Most Inspiring Moment


Bartok Fiend
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:bugeye: What has been the most inspiring moment in your life? At which time has anyone here felt as if the crumpled paper network of their self has melded totally and absolutely with the solid, rocktillingular quilt of air, breathing, and sights around them? I must say for me it was one day last April when I was taking a ride in Bucks County, Pa, which is not some barren place, and I just noticed how everything fit in not in a way that was perfect, but that was . I kind of like saw an intense beauty in the humdrum. Of course, then the sun came out and I had some real natural beauty for my eyes over the delware River. But for a moment, I was so high on the notion that the ordinary was incredible, and I couldn't help to think how good life was if that were true.

:bugeye: So, I'd love to here what inspired other people, what moment stands out as a "monolith" in your personal collective mythology.

....because we all have those, you know!