Movie Recomendation - Donnie Darko


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After many months of refusing to watch this due to hearing it was a total mindf**k, I plucked up the courage, threw it in my DVD player and got myself comfortable. One hour and 53 minutes later I was still sat, slack jawed and totally confused - I had *no* idea of 65% of what I had just watched and yet it had a profound effect on me. I won't go into plot details due to not really being sure that I have the plot down but I will say this is one beatifully shot movie and the soundtrack is sublime from teh opening score to the remake of Tears for Fear's 'Mad World' by Gary Jules.

I would definately recomend this movie if you want something cerebral but be warned, I feel it will take multiple viewings to fully appreciate it.

It's a self-perpetuating time loop that is constantly repeating the events of October 2nd through 31st. On October 31, the engine falling off of the 747 passes through a time portal to October 2, crashing into Donnie's bedroom. On the same night, Frank, wearing the demonic bunny suit, runs over Gretchen, killing her, and is subsequently killed by Donnie, who shoots him in the eye. Frank goes back in time and leads Donnie through the events of the next 28 days and 6 hours, up to the point that he and Gretchen are killed, thus creating the time loop. Donnie, through his conversations with Dr. Monnitoff and by reading The Philosophy of Time Travel realizes that he is actually in charge of his fate, and has the power to prevent Gretchen's death. He finds a time portal, travels back to the night of the accident, and chooses to stay in his room and be killed rather than perpetuate the time loop that leads to the death of two innocent people.

It's seems to be about predestination vs. free will. Donnie, being the only one to see the whole picture, is able to choose his path, but the path that leads to the most good is the predestined one (which Donnie refers to as "choosing God's channel" in his conversation with Dr. Monnitoff). Thus, though he is able to choose whether to followed his predestined path, to not follow it only makes things worse.

Is Donnie a Christ figure? He is an innocent who knows the future, exposes a false prophet, (Jim Cunningham), and must choose to sacrifice himself to save the lives of innocents who, because they cannot see as he does, cannot save themselves.

This is certainly not to be taken as the definitive explanation, and I'm wouldn't be surprised if there are a few holes in my interpretation, but all in all it was a good flick.

That movie looks totally creepy - Im gonna rent it just to watch the talking human size bunny:D
I saw that movie and thought it was very good and your Christ comparison is right on I didnt think of it but you are right. It was funny to me how his visions were percieved as pshycopathic delusions at first but later they are found to be a little more substantial kinds like Jesus also mabey ?