Movie recommends

Probably been said, but here are mine anyway.

28 days later
28 weeks later
The Matrix-All
Monty Python-all
We were soldiers
Band of brothers-miniseries
Saving private ryan
forrest gump
Mad Max-all
Spongebob Squarepants-The Movie

that's all I can think of just now.

One flew over the cuckoo's nest
a clockwork orange
That movie with the robots and they go through the black hole
Defcon 5
Maximum Overdrive
skaught-lol I wish. I need the money!

draqon-the robots played shoot the dot, and the one little robot had gotten beat up by the big red robot a bunch of times, so this other robot that was with the people played a game and won, and the evil robot was mad. And when they go through the black hole the evil red robot and the evil man become joined. That's all I remember thoguh.
Have you seen ED WOOD with Johnny Depp?
Bill Murray was great in that. I loved the scene where they were being baptised and the preacher asked, "Do you reject Satan and all his works?" and Bill kind of shrugged and said, "Sure".
Originally Posted by Mr. Hamtastic

That movie with the robots and they go through the black hole

umm...what movie is that? :bugeye: sounds interesting.

The Black Hole was the name of the movie by Walt Disney studios. It was for kids and it really came off that way as well. The ending was rather tacky though and I really didn't care much for it.:shrug:
The Fountain (2006)

I can't stand that movie, I was expecting to see the wisdom of the Buddhism religion/belief but so just an exhibiratingly feverish movie.

The movie main thought was " Do not seek infinity, true infinity and immortality is only achieved through death"
Buddhism premise is "True infinity and immortality are found within you, life is endless and death is a beginning anew"

Grrr...Fountain really made me dislike the movie.
American History X. I only watched it for the first time yesterday, but it's bloody brilliant.
The Sword of Doom, Kihachi Okamoto's chanbara masterpiece. A moral epic. I can quite honestly say this is my favorite film of all time and puts Okamoto in the same league as Bergman, Tarkovsky, Godard, and Antonioni. A philosopher's delight.

"The sword is the soul. Study the soul to know the sword. An evil soul is an evil sword."

also translated as

"The soul is the sword. Study the soul to know the sword. Evil mind, evil sword."


There is no other film as beautiful as this one.