Mrow Q&A

mrow, do you think that people who do not like homosexuals are immoral people?

Not immoral. Just ignorant.

Mrow, do you think suggesting a member who is perfectly straight having to do with anything dealing with homosexuals is immoral?

No, but it's mean if it's making that person severely uncomfortable. (They're just joking with you, man.)

Mrow, does Dragon have a nice ass ?

Never saw it. Lol.

mrow, do you think that people who are perfectly normal straight people are highly moral people?

Not necessarily. They're not automatically more moral than homosexuals.

Mrow, do you think that draqon is now getting uncomfortable that it is being suggested that he may be a homosexual and/or an immoral person?

Yes, very.

Mrow, who is Dragon?

Never met him.

Mrow, does Draqon have a nice ass ?

Never saw it.

Mrow, do you think talking about private areas of other members is homosexual and highly immoral?

No. But again, mean if it makes that person uncomfortable. Take it as a joke.

Mrow, do you sense a feeling of coldness surrounding this questionaire, now that homosexuality is being discussed?

No, I sense a feeling of hilarity. :D

Enmos...follow the rules of the thread. Questions only.
Mrow, do you think Enmos will forever be on the wrong path of immorality?

Absolutely not. I think he's very moral.

Mrow, do you think there is a right path of immorality ?

No. It's a grey area.

Mrow, will you please forgive me ?

Nothing to forgive you for. :)

Mrow... Mrow, do you think that a man who likes to have his prostate massaged during the sexual act could be a homosexual?

Nah, unless it's another guy doing the massaging. ;)

Mrow, do you think that genes of people of the wrong path of morality will be in the children of the future?

There are no genes for morality or immorality...

Mrow, if your boyfriend cheated on you...would you consider me for your boyfriend?

I don't know what I'd do....definitely not date him anymore.
Mrow, are you in a very serious relationship with your boyfriend, would you want him for your husband?

Yes, we live together and are very committed to each other. I'm very much in love.

I don't know, I'm only 22.
Mrow, are you having an affair?


Mrow, how strong is your relationship with your boyfriend?



Mrow...if you bf did cheat on you and you and I met and made love, and our love was so passionate and tender that you would adore it from the moment we touched together...but than your boyfriend came back to you, would you still be going with bf or me?

I would never go back to him no matter what if he cheated on me.

Mrow, what do you think of Bush's dog?

It's more intelligent than he is.

Mrow, if I fell in love with you...would you let me love you even though you bf would not have cheated on you?

I couldn't stop you. Though I'd feel bad you loved someone you couldn't have.

Mrow, if a large fish ate a medium fish and a medium fish ate a small fish and than type of small fishes ate another large fish and those large fish ate the medium fishes which ate the small fishes...which fish were in bigger luck?

Maybe it's the lack of sleep or it's you but you lost me about halfway through that...:shrug:

Mrow, what do you think Enmos does for work? And do you think that Enmos leaving his small kittens for a day in a scary large home of being bery traumatic on small creatures?

I don't have any idea what he does for work. I know he's a photographer but I think that's just for hobby? I think the kittens are fine. He takes great care of them.

Mrow...are you interested in going out for hiking trip, kayaking trip, adventure?

Sounds fun!

Mrow, were did you go?


Mrow, which way does ocean flow?

I don't know what that means. Do you even know what you mean?

How does he do it?


Mrow, which flowers do you like? Do you like roses?


Mrow, do you like a romantic atmosphere? what would a romantic atmosphere be for you?


Mrow, what do you want to see in a man?

I like roses but sunflowers are my favorite flowers.

I do. A number of things could be romantic, depends on the time and the man.

Sense of humor, intelligence, trustworthy, loyal, kind to animals, creative, active.

Mrow, do you wonder how draqon does it?


Mrow, what does Skaught mean when he asks that?

That you're unique.

Mrow, do you think I am lonely here without you?

Yes, it appears that way. Were you?

Mrow, if you had a small dog and it ate a lot...and never got fat, and the dog wanted to eat more and more and more...what would you do?

Take it to a vet? I doubt that's normal.
Mrow, at night you are walking by a road in a dark dark alley, you see bunch of flashing lights in the air circle above you...what do you think it was? aliens? secret military spacecraft? plasma ball? bunch of bugs? or a regular plane of some sort?

The moon.

Mrow, which day of a week do you think I was born on?


Mrow, which day of a week were you born on?


Mrow, do you think there are planets somewhere in space which have vertical flowing clouds?

Sure, why not?

Mrow, what do you think of the war in Iraq? Mrow, do you think wars are necessary?

We never had any right to do that. Some wars are necessary. Like World War II. This one made me ashamed to be American. I've been feeling that a lot lately. Which is why I'm likely moving soon.

Mrow, were do you see yourself and who do you see yourself as in the future, 20 years from now?

Hopefully, I'll be a geneticist with a husband and children. I don't know who my husband will be.

Mrow, do you want to have children? How many? If not, why do you not want to have children? And...are you the only one in the family?


I have two brothers and a sister.

Mrow, do you think that phenylanine used in diet drinks is unhealthy?

I don't know enough about it. I know a lot of people are allergic, so it is for them. :p

Mrow, if you saw a mouse in your house...what would you do with it?

I neglected to mention before I have two pet mice. Pinky and Brain. So I see mice in my house all the time.

Mrow, on December 23rd of year 2035, what do you think you will be doing?

Hopefully sleeping. I'm beginning to doubt it'll happen before then. :(

Mrow, do you like watching animals? Which animals do you like the most?

Yes very much. I love all animals honestly. Depends on my mood which I like watching the most.

Mrow, if your name was you think that would change the way people treated you? If you had a different name than you have now would people treat you differently, what do you think?


I'm not sure how they'd treat me differently, it'd depend on the name, but I do think they would.

Mrow, do you think there are aliens on moon Enceladus?

Maybe in the form of bacteria.

Mrow, do you think I am an automated robot asking machine? and if yes, who do you think programmed me?

No. You're just draq. ;)

Mrow, are you a green-girl? Are you eco-friendly? Do you eat organic foods mostly?

I try to be. Yes and yes.

Mrow, if you had a million dollars would you convert them to Euro currency before the dollar fell to low? Do you think recession is for real?

Probably not.

Yes, I do.

Mrow, how many pages of paper do you think you used in your life? (not counting books and journals or newspapers)


Mrow, how many steps do you think you have taken in your entire life?


Mrow...if you will have children, what professions do you think they will choose?

Probably science or medical if I inadvertently bias them. But they'd be free to choose whatever they want.

Mrow, do you believe in any sorts of conspiracies, which ones?

Most no. I've been back and forth on the 9/11 one, but I'm leaning towards no.

- What is the color you wear the most ?
- Name your top five favorite colors, numbers 1 to 5.
- What is your eye color ?
- Pee or poo ? Motivate your answer.
- Do you have a photo camera ?
If so, do you use it ?
If so, what do you photograph ? Motivate your answer.​
- Do you like insects ? Motivate your answer.
- What is your favorite insect ? Motivate your answer.
- What is your favorite mushroom ? Motivate your answer.
> Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange.​
- Rate my weirdness on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being uber-weird, 1 being completely normal. Motivate your answer.
- Rate your weirdness on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being uber-weird, 1 being completely normal. Motivate your answer.

- Rate Skaughts weirdness on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being uber-weird, 1 being completely normal. Motivate your answer.
- Rate Draqons weirdness on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being uber-weird, 1 being completely normal. Motivate your answer.

I wear a lot of colors. But probably black.

1) navy blue
2) sky blue
3) crimson
4) lavender
5) forest green


Pee...I guess...I do that much more frequently....:shrug:

Yes, I do. Mostly black and white photography of people whose faces you can see a clear emotion on or nature. But also pictures of all trips I go on with family and friends.

I don't like insects. Most of them scare me a little.

Dragonfly. It's one of the few I'm not scared of and their wings are very beautiful.

Portebello. Delicious. :cool:

40, you're pretty normal and down to earth, the only thing not normal is how much more intelligent and appreciative of nature you are than most (you're a far better than average human being)

60, I just think everyone thinks they're weird, they don't have the ability to compare themselves accurately to others

30, seems very normal to me, just a fun loving guy

75, very very unique, but in a good way
Mrow, if a small pig came up to you and told you that it would cook itself for you and than it jumped on a grill in your backyard and got fried just nicely and juicy and the right way...what would your course of actions be than?

Lol, I actually don't eat pig.

Mrow, do you think Skaught is really talking about Draqon ?

Yes. Haha.

Mrow, do you think this is proof that Skaught is taking after Draqon ?


Mrow, do you think I should give credit where credit is due?


Mrow, do you think you are still asleep ?

No, haha, I wish.

Mrow, are you surprised to see how much this thread has blossomed sonce you left t go to sleep?


Mrow, will you answer all of these questions?


Mrow, what do you think draqon will do after we are done asking you all kinds of questions?

I don't think he'll ever be done. He'll think of more.

Mrow, if one night a spacecraft of hyper-intelligent beings lands in your backyard and they offered you all the secrets of the universe, all the knowledge you've ever dreamed of, but in return you would have to go to their home world and never come back here, would you do it ?

It'd be tempting, but no. I love this planet too much. Good question!

Mrow, Do you think ther are a lot of questions here?


Mrow, do you rally plan on answering all of th questions here?


Mrow, how many questions do you think you can answer in one internet session?

All of them. Since apparently I won't be sleeping.

Mrow, while you were at work, did you think that me and draqon and Enmos and perhaps other sciforumites continued to ask questions?

Yes, but not to this extent, lol.
Thanks for the answers Mrow :)

Got to go now though. Talk to you later.
Have a great day :)
Mrow, how will you plan on answering all of those questions, what is your master plan?

By answering this...

Mrow, were you looking forward, while at work, to coming back to home and seeing a lot of new questions to be answered and then answering them?

Yes. :) Thank you guys.

Mrow, on a scale of 1 to 72, as 72 being the lowest, how would you rate your amazement from seeing so many questions?


Mrow, How far have you gotten so far on answering all these questions?

More than halfway

Mrow, are looking forward to seeing many more questions?

Yes, please.

Mrow, Who has a better avatar, skaught, Enmos, or draqon?

I like skaught's the most currently.

Mrow have you answered all of those questions already?

Most of them. Still working on it.

Mrow, which question thus far in this thread has been your favorite question to answer?

Enmos's about knowing the secrets of the universe.

Mrow, do you think that using coffee to replace sleep is unhealthy? Do you want to be healthy?

No, it's not. I gladly would have chosen sleep over coffee if I were able. Yes, I want to be healthy.

Mrow, do you think that when draqon and skaught and Enmos are asking you all of these questions, and one of us asks one that is funny, which one of us do you think laughs outloud to ourselves?

Skaught mostly.

Mrow, which question thus far has been your average type of expected question?

Questions of whether or not you're a homosexual...that seems to be a lot of them.

Mrow, do you think that draqon has the ability to breath fire?

No, he is draqon not dragon. ;)

Mrow, do you think we actually laugh out loud when we type "lol"?

Not most of the time, but maybe on occasion.

Mrow, what would it take for you to leave your BF and join me and draqon and Enmos in a grand plan to populate planet Mars?

The offer to go to Mars. That sounds great. :D
Mrow, do you think skaught really wants you? What special abilities do you think Skaught has?

No, I don't think he does. I think he's just joking with me.

Special abilities? I just think he's very clever and is very good at making me laugh.
Mrow, if you could choose to populate any planet with skaught, draqon and Enmos, which planet would it be?

Mars. Let's do it.

Mrow, if Draqon offered to sit nd have some cheese with you, but then when you met him, he kind of smelled like cheese, would you think that maybe you isinterpreted his questiomn about having cheese with him?

Perhaps, haha.

Mrow, do you think that if everyone died on the planet except for me and you and we had to repopulate the planet together, do you think I would still make sure that the love making was passionate?

Oh yes, absolutely I do.

Mrow, If everyone on the planet dies and you had to repopulate the world with me and enmos and draqon, and the first child was a female, would you try to protect her from draqon if he was still a virgin?

Not if we needed the planet repopulated. He should have at it then. :p

Mrow, I am sorry, but I have to go now, if I come later and ask more questions will it make you happy? Or do you want to get some sleep?

It would make me very happy. I gave up on sleep. I'm done with work and it still won't happen. People are moving into the apartment next to me and it's unbearably loud.
I'm done. I answered them all on 42 minutes of sleep ladies and gentleman. Come on, I'm awesome. :thankyou: