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I would like to say thanks to all the people that have contributed to such a rich culter in the Arts.

It has been a major influence in my life, and I as an Artist I am the total sum of all my Listening experiances as far as style in Arts go.

*Just wanted to say that, top Female artists listed soon.....:)


* Im gonna list all my favorite Artist here on this thread.


Please additions are welcome

"GREEN GABLES", Waylon Jennings and the Outlaws........Waylon and Willie and the Boys:)

Soon Rebba McIntire's wonderful collection from My home in Oklahoma:)

Pat Benatar:)....

Brittney Spears:)

Soon Bjl review page.....................coming soon;)
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Well, I like Arts a lot, have seen beautiful drawings, but don't know exactly by whom. That is a pity, for I can't give you the name of such artist.:p

Ever looked at Bebelina's homepage? she makes Art, in a different way, but it is Art. Give it a try, perhaps you like it very well.

And Music is so dear to me, can't live without it, not a second, but I can't listen to it every second of the day and night. Sometimes you have to do things without your favorite music, but as soon as I get home, the Music play's again, oh yes.;)

You look it up in the thread Favorite Bands and Mucisians.
There I posted the most of them, but still I forget some of them to mention, because there is so much beautiful Music I love.

And Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones belong certainly in the toplist.:)
If you're a registered user on those sites and somebody is snaking your identity, notify the sites' masters then change your passwords. You may have to recreate your identity and refer to your old identity somewhere in your profile.

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If it IS the first one, GO GET THE ^%$&%!


I too am pissed off that somewhere out there a mini-army of "David Watanabe"s are pursuing successful careers in the public spotlight (or at least the public gutter behind the spotlight), possibly corrupting the purity of my name and my chances to make it big on the silver screen (or whatever). Alas, you think my parents would have been more creative than to marry a solid Christian name (feh) with perhaps the most common Japanese family name. If they really wanted to take the theme to its obvious conclusion, they should have called me "Jesus Watanabe". I guess that I'll make that my screen name.
So that really is you? Alright, that's very cool. I must admit the steel guitar does have an awesome sound to it.

Anyways, back on subject. The first thing I would do is contact the webmasters of those sites. If someone is truly trying to pretend to be you (more than just coincidental name), let the webmasters know so they can take action. I know that if that were happening on sciforums, I would take prompt action. Hopefully the operators of the sites are sufficiently decent people that they will recognize the gravity of the situation and respect your requests.

However, if they drag their feet or ignore you, you might have to threaten legal action or take things up to their internet provider. But, again, hopefully this won't be necessary.
Garth Brooks/Jewel/ And Many More/

Garth Brooks has certainly made his way from rags to riches. Coming from a small Oklahoma town not far from Ponca City Okla.

He played in every club in the state it seemed, over a 10+ period of time.

After a long process of getting a portfolio togather he made a break for Nashville, leaving the love of his life at home, to try to enter the ranks of the very few who ever make it in the Music Business.

After being drilled by the ranks so to speak, he returned home to his life long love....Broke, in more ways than one. His heart was also broken, because he really believed in himself, and the messages he was writing in his Music..

Well there is a happy ending to this story. He was contacted by a AR record spokes person, and the rest is history.....see biography?

Catch GARTH BROOKS and friends on Thanksgiving night for a STAR studded show.....

He got his "SATISFACTION".........good job Garth, and God bless!

*(this is a two part series.....more to come on the rest of the STARS who will Join Garth...)

I once had the pleasure of seeing him perform years ago in a small Oklahoma town....

My opinion is,

Its his Heart toward the almighty thats the real story of a STAR!

Bobby James Lee


more to come on JEWEL and to go eat some TURKEY with my stars.. My family...:)
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Bobby Lee, I know a little of Garth Brooks songs, but didn't know this story about him. Nice to tell it, for it is always nice to know how some Mucisians live or have lived.;)

Though I know a lot of Artists who play their Music right from the Heart and didn't have a happy ending....really sad these Mucisians had to die in such rotten way...

Porfiry, I like that Jezus thing you mention.
Can I call you Jezus then, the next time? Do you still give handkisses then? It would be a pity if you should leave that behind with Dave (David)...:p

Sorry, Bobby Lee is fine, If your looking for the Christ, or Jezus, you got the wrong guy? It aint me babe!

I copywrote the name @BOBBY LEE@, its my intellectual property and its a trademark@ I like just fine.......

Why the interest, just asking or have you got a motive??

Just wondered

Bobby Lee



available on selected book sites..
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Bobby Lee, I was referring to the reply of Porfiry, above, look at it.
He says that if he wants to, he could change his name into Jezus, to play another character so to say. Here at Sciforums.
I was replying to him. Read my former post and that one of Porfiry, above, you shall immediately see what I mean. I even said his name before my reply to him, look at the former posts. Ok?.;)

Nothing wrong with Bobby Lee, oh no...

I like to talk to you and reply to what you have to say, really, no bother to me. Bobby Lee is a fine name and a fine person, believe me.:)

Do you have some other Mucians you know off and want to tell something about them?
The story about Garth Brooks was nice to read. I always like to know how good Mucians live or have lived their lifes.

Hope to talk to you soon.
Have a nice day.

Okay, thanks...

Here is some more;

Larry King live yesturday had Paul McCartney on his late night show.

Paul as everyone knows was a former member of the "The Beatle", but after a fued between members of the Beatles, concerning a recording with APPLE records, he and the " Beatles" broke up. Paul and John Lennon, Ringo Star, George Harrison went their own way.

Paul and Linda(Former Wife) played for years togather as performer song writers, and toured extensively with the group"Wings."(Over America)

To me he has not changed one bit. He's still the sporting chap he's always been. Not to mention still a great writer.

While Paul came from humble beginnings in Britian, he never forgot how easy it was to lose what you have.

He currently has a performing Arts School in England and is active in its administration. I will also add, he does a damn good job at it to.
Come to think of it, he does a pretty good Job at most things he does. What can one expect from a Knight the Queen commisioned?


It so hard to mention the above groups without the other members. I mean no slam to any of them, I will write later on their careers as well.

The "Beatles White Albums" is probably the most controversial of all the recordings that the "Beatles" evr did. It left a mystery to this day at the real meanings of some of the songs.

Charles Mansion whom was prosecuted in the late sixties along with the "CHILDREN", swore that the "Beatles" where sending him messages. Songs like "Helter Skelter", and Piggy, Piggy!"

After exhausting investigations into this allegation, there was no link ever established.

However, one does wonder though when songs like "Sexy Sadie" where writtin, "Sadie Thompson" was a Mansion Child?

Or was that Madison.....

How about Leslie Van Houghton...or was that Hugoton?

to continue,

Paul scored hit after hit with the band "WINGS OVER AMERICA", there shows where state of the art, and a major production live by anyone's standards..

I was lucky enought to have seen them in the old "MIRIAD" at the fair grounds in Oklahoma City, not far from where I was raised.

Band On the Run, Silly Love Songs, Uncle Albert, ect.., and so many more are music Icons to this day?

One song I remember him commenting on that was off the "White Albums" was a song called "Martha My Dear!" It was a harpscord sounding tune.

Paul later commented it was about his "OLD ENGLISH SHEEP DOG!"



The Beatle.....
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Jennifer Lopez...


Jennifer Lopez is bouncing back like the true champion she is.

Some scandel threatened her career earning abilities when becoming involved with questionable characters sometime back involving a gun and a night club!

She almost bit the big one, so to speak following by some legal hassels.

Jennifer is looking good, and Dressed to kill with her new image.

Bobby Lee give's the girl a 10+ for her dedication to the Entertainment business.

This is the true Star quality that put her there to start with.....

"And What a Babe"

Charlie Danials

Charlie Danials and his band have a new Vid out on CMT., Its earmarked by the same professional performance's he is known for...

This is a tribute to the Everyday people.......

I think the performance on CMT was excellent.....

Hope Charlies around for another Decade.....

"You Know,

"A Country Boy Can Survive!"

We are looking into Hank Williams JR(S) recent works, we will get back to you on that one...

Bebelina, guess it is not so hard to do to confuse other members, for we have a lot of times the same opinion. Though you always tell it in a more Sunny way.;) :p

Bobby Lee, thank you for the information about Paul McCartney.:)

Most of it I knew already, but the later things you tell about him and what he is doing now, I did not know. Thank you.

Jennifer Lopez...well...don't like her so much, sorry, but I like to read about the singing stars them all, so it is nice to read something more about her. Don't know a thing about her, just not so fond of her music.;)

The information about Charles Manson I did not know...A rather scary person that was, terribly violent together with the group he was surrounded with. He killed several humans, just like that, without any reason. Crazy creature....really.
What you are telling about Sexy Sadie might be true, but I wonder...
The Beatles making a song for one of C. Mansions helpers??:confused:

Charlie Daniels I know a few songs by him. Nice to read this information, for I am always curious how Mucisians live(d).

Go on please, I like to read it all.:)
Unknown Artist??

Does anyone remember the song "One Tin Soldier Rides Away?"

I heard this on a Okc radio station but I didnt get the artist? Its been so long I couldnt remember?

anyone know??

bobby Lee
Hi Bobby Lee, there has been some research done here for you, to find out who exactly sang this song.

It is coming from a movie called Black Jack and the woman who sings this song is now known by the name of Toni Braxton.

At the moment, the movie was there and she sang this song, she had a different former name. She changed it later on in her life.

One Tin Solider Coven/Original Caste

They don't allow you to copy the link and neither do I have the lyrics for you.

Toni Braxton herself has come up with a new c.d., so if you want to listen to that one, you have to go to the music store and listen there a little bit. It is the Blues she is singing on the new c.d.:)

Don't you love the Blues? What about Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore? Beautiful song.....

Well, I hope you can do something with this information on One Tin Soldier.
I am sure they know about this particular song in the music store.
Why don't you just go and ask it there? ;)

Perhaps some relative or friend of yours has this song on tape or so and you can copy it...
HEY YO Bobby E Lee McGhee !
just curious to know where on Fleet Street you live !
and for conversational content, I find Garth Brooks
THE TOTAL personification ANTITHESIS of the
Country & Western genre, devoid of feeling,
blandly expressionless,and quite frankly I am alarmed
insofaras this new Big Encilada Tim McGraw follows suit.
Do you figure this to be symptomatic of the homogenization
of the population via mass-media or what ?

Spike Lee ( coz?) does a bit ina movie where the old dudes
hanging on the corner berate the Rapsters for their "craft"
Suspicions here that something is a foot..........and it's bad
news !
of course only metaphorically bjl !
once you've heard Janis J sing the song
it's always between the ears !
and I aspire to speak "cockney" dialect too ! LOL !
LordDeLaWar, there you name a great mucisian.:)

Janis Joplin, yes, that is good, good music. You are referring to her song 'Me and Bobby McGee' here. Just to make it a little clearer to Bobby Lee.

Guess you know Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel also then???

You say you prefer to speak Cockney... ;)

Bobby Lee, have you been listening to the c.d. of Toni Braxton already?
Let me know if it is good to you please.:)

Talk to you later...