Music videos...

Different generation. I like most music I hear, except Jazz and some tribal music, music video is important to me now, Eminem in particular has done some awesome videos that match his song brilliantly. Takes his music to another level. If Bowie started when YouTube did we'd have amazing videos. I prefer listening to Elvis live, only way we can! Elvis was an entertainer on a different level.
Let's all agree that obviously tastes in music is subjective.
And certainly while different generations musical tastes do change, I would also say that as one matures out of their teenage and early twenties years, tastes also mature...As a hairy arse teenager I would poo poo the singers more from my parents years like Sinatra. Deano, Ella Fitzerald, Patti Page, Vaughn Monroe and the like, and near all country and western style music, and stick exclusively to the merging rock n roll era performers. As I matured, I appreciated those earlier singers, and grew to love C+W music, and obviously Nana Mouskouri as well.
Sadly at this time my tastes have not yet included heavy metal or rap :p In fact other then ABBA and Neil Diamond and a few merging C+W performers like Willie Nelson, my music collection rarely goes beyond the eighties.:p
Do you look for meaning in a song?
Not particularly, but if done in that style that I like, then yeah, sure it can help. Bob Dylan comes to mind, as one whose voice does nothing to me, but the lyrics and tune of some of his songs are catching, shall we say. For example his song, "A hard rains a falling"
Here it is sung in french by guess who...
and was highly lauded by Dylan himself.

Depends on my mood. If I were conscripted to fight for my country in WWII, that would affect my mood.

If the artist wanted to convey something, it's up for them to do it.
Well put, and sort of aligns with my way of thinking and moods.

Anyway, keep them coming! Some I like, others I don't...that's life! :p
ps: My number one Elvis song [the wonder of you is number two] is "Its now or never" The following was obviously not long before the King passed away...see how bloated in the face he is.
If I could have my way, the Colonel would be charged with murder!
Here's John Williamson singing at a memorial service after the tragic death of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile hunter.
Pretty emotional, had me slobbering :frown:
Neil Diamond, a Friday night is not complete without Sweet Caroline, even better on a karaoke with your mates all joining in, great <3

I like this song:

And this:
Bit depressing the lyrics on the first one, not a Katy Perry fan at all.

Beer can be a depressant. Smoke weed drink coffee 5 days a week(only at night), and drink beer smoke weed weekends with friends if possible.

It has worked better then when I was an alcholic. You need to be in the right frame of mind or with the right company to get the full benefits of weed.

It makes me happy, even though negative songs are great sometimes to lift your spirits, maybe I'm too happy to listen to "Breathe".

Thanks for posting though <3