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True but it does say the original universe started as a singularity .
I thought a singularity was a point where in effect the maths breaks down and if so that says to me that we are entering an area of no understanding.
What do you think?
Doesn't quite feel right.
That is because I have not conveyed the way I see it.
Nothing eternal?
Nothing does not exist.
It is an unobserved mythical contruction...tell me where you can find nothing...

Thanks for all the links.

I understand this stuff better than I express.

And in truth I am not happy with the big bang ... two aspects ... the idea (cosmic egg and catholic church determination to embrace what is effectively a pagon idea) came before observation...and the big bang was toast until inflation was put forward and as far as I know inflation is not supported by observation ...further I cant accept everything went from very small to the observable universe in no more than a trillionth of a second...and I dont care what math supports that idea I simply do not consider it possible or remotely likely...its big real big and to suggest the doubling doubling etc to me is folk can call me what they like but that is my unsupported opinion....think it thru...look out there and imagine what is beyond and see if it does not feel quiet right.

Heck sounds too much like god to me☺

Anyways I am out there now imaging and thinking thinking I am a very dangerous man☺

Apparently the background waves
What is a wave.
Is it a physical thing or the way we convert its qualities into a math expression?
Is it particles jiggling about and or wave is how we view it...
The clouds rolled in just as I got everything working...two hours setting up adjusting etc etc all for nothing...its s cruel game.

But just to be clear. BB is our current best scientific model but it may not be the last.
We have only been at it for 100 years and I doubt if we have it all worked out yet.

We are doing well indeed but it would be somewhat arrrogant not to think there is yet more to understand.

By the do you "feel" about the theory of you think it is reasonable to think everything could grow from zip to all there is in a small fraction of a second.
What is a wave.
In this case the CMB (cosmic microwave background)
Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from about one meter to one millimeter; with frequencies between 300 MHz (1 m) and 300 GHz (1 mm). Different sources define different frequency ranges as microwaves; the above broad definition includes both UHF and EHF (millimeter wave) bands.

(Maps of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR), showing the improved resolution which has been achieved with better microwave radio telescopes)
The cosmic microwave background (CMB, CMBR) is electromagnetic radiation as a remnant from an early stage of the universe in Big Bang cosmology. In older literature, the CMB is also variously known as cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) or "relic radiation". The CMB is a faint cosmic background radiation filling all space that is an important source of data on the early universe because it is the oldest electromagnetic radiation in the universe, dating to the epoch of recombination.
The discovery of CMB is landmark evidence of the Big Bang origin of the universe. When the universe was young, before the formation of stars and planets, it was denser, much hotter, and filled with a uniform glow from a white-hot fog of hydrogen plasma. As the universe expanded, both the plasma and the radiation filling it grew cooler.
When the universe cooled enough, protons and electrons combined to form neutral hydrogen atoms. Unlike the uncombined protons and electrons, these newly conceived atoms could not absorb the thermal radiation, and so the universe became transparent instead of being an opaque fog.
.Cosmologists refer to the time period when neutral atoms first formed as the recombination epoch, and the event shortly afterwards when photons started to travel freely through space rather than constantly being scattered by electrons and protons in plasma is referred to as photon decoupling.
The photons that existed at the time of photon decoupling have been propagating ever since, though growing fainter and less energetic, since the expansion of space causes their wavelength to increase over time (and wavelength is inversely proportional to energy according to Planck's relation)

I find it remarkable that in spite of the wavelength increase over time, the CMB is still in the microwave range, even as longer wavelengths are able to travel much farther than microwaves, and their absence would indicate an original small size emitter (the BB singularity?).
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By the do you "feel" about the theory of you think it is reasonable to think everything could grow from zip to all there is in a small fraction of a second.
As I understand it the inflationary epoch experienced a metric expansion of spacetime geometry which is not restricted by SOL and allows for FTL expansion (the balloon metaphor), and does support the notion of a universe which answers to mathematical laws, i.e exponential growth.
In physical cosmology the inflationary epoch was the period in the evolution of the early universe when, according to inflation theory, the universe underwent an extremely rapid exponential expansion. This rapid expansion increased the linear dimensions of the early universe by a factor of at least 1026 (and possibly a much larger factor), and so increased its volume by a factor of at least 1078. Expansion by a factor of 1026 is equivalent to expanding an object 1 nanometer (10−9m, about half the width of a molecule of DNA) in length to one approximately 10.6 light years (about 62 trillion miles) long.
Instead it is the metric governing the size and geometry of spacetime itself that changes in scale. Although light and objects within spacetime cannot travel faster than the speed of light, this limitation does not restrict the metric itself. To an observer it appears that space is expanding and all but the nearest galaxies are receding into the distance.

This stuff is so awesome.....:rolleyes:

And while mainstream theory does not allow for a geo
metric space outside of the universe, it does not falsify a "permittive condition" which allowed for a FTL metric expansion of spacetime.

And, IMO, a metaphysical "permittive condition" can certainly be infinite in scope.
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In this case the CMB (cosmic microwave background)
I was seeking your view on what a wave in general may be.

You have done a wonderful job here in putting togther very good and informative links and I for one thank you.
I think for not only myself but for casual readers they are most helpful.
"permittive condition"
You like this idea I can tell but isnt all you describe only a nonexistent "nothing"?☺

This stuff is so awesome.....:rolleyes:
Yes I absolutely agree.

I hope to post my result from last night and an ealier effort from a couple of nights ago so keep an eye out.

Re Inflationary Epoc.
I sought your comment upon how you felt about things happening so fast and although your contributions on the matter are both interesting and helpful you did not say if you thought it sounded reasonable or not.


Are you talking about the large-scale structure of the universe?

How do you know the energy is there, then, if it is not detected?

Do you know what a quasar is?

So, let me get this straight. Quasars give energy to the web, and the web creates quasars? Isn't that a bit circular?

No , not at all circular .
Quasars give energy to the Cosmic Web to be seen .

Heat slows down the extreme cold energy flow

Quasars in of themselves is high focused Cosmic Plasmic Energy , from the cosmic web .
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Quasars give energy to the Cosmic Web to be seen .

Heat slows down the extreme cold energy flow

Quasars in of themselves is high focusedCosmic PlasmicEnergy , from the cosmic web .

Sounds circular to me.

It is the consequence of extremely high energy
Without Quasar energy ( focused Cosmic Web cold superfluid ) the Cosmic Web would not be revealed
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