My own proof to myself that the creator exist.


To my own self:

There are so many dimensions to a human soul. We are limited in the way we can feel our soul dimensions. Some dimensions of the soul are hard to find, but when one is pushed to it's limits, the lost dimension of the soul could be found. I have compiled a list of the creator dimensions as listed in the Criteria, known as the Quran. I must admit, some of the dimensions are within my capability, but some are hard to apply. This dilemma makes me feel as if I am in a test, and it must be a test, a test given by the entity that have fashioned in me those dimensions, to see I'm fit to possess the dimensions I was given. Those dimensions could not have been a random result of evolution without a purpose.

Here's the creator 99 dimensions, the meanings, and the Quranic verse from which the name came from:

<a href="" target="_blank">Meaning of God's 99 names</a>

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